Uses Wartools
Can wear Extra Heavy armor
Many Blockade skills
Basic buffing spells
Has heal, party heal, simple cure and resurrection spells


Waiting for yours b^^d



Tank, Rezzer, Healer, Buffer

Race Selection

Justicar Ranking (based on Con and Str)
1. Lyell/Lupine
2. Rogwel Pom (-5 Str, -3 Con)
3. Rogwel Human/Taxn (-3 Str, -5 Con)
4. Rogwel Elf (-5 Str, -4 Con)

Job Comparison

vs Templars
Justicars get the same Blockade skills and buffing spells as Templars.
Justicar Crush skills include an attack debuff and defense debuff
Templar Crush skills get a Stun and bonus damage vs poisoned
Justicars can heal and rez while Templars can Summon.

vs Vanguard/Crusader
Justicars get the same Crush skills as a Vanguard.
Templars and Crusaders have the same Crush skills.
Justicars get more Blockade skills.
Justicars can't use Spears, Bloodmania skills or Carnage spells.
Justicars can Buff, Heal and Resurrect


Justicar CRUSH
Skill Max Damage Cast Time Cooldown Cost Cost/level Notes
L01 Warchop 130 instant 10s 8 STA +6 STA
L03 Taunting Strike 180 instant 15s 10 STA taunt, back attack bonus damage
L06 Dual Wield (Wartool) passive wield two one-handed wartools
L11 Crushing Blow 200 instant 25s 10 STA Attack debuff
L14 Shattering Blow 200 instant 25s 16 STA Defense debuff
L20 Shockwave counterattack instant 45s 20 STA +13 STA AOE stun
Skill Max Damage Cast Time Cooldown Cost Cost/level Notes
L11 Hurricane Counter instant 30s 15 STA +8 STA damage reflect
L11 Heroic Shield self buff instant 10s 16 STA +11 STA defense self-buff
L14 Taunting Bash % of shield instant 30s 12 STA attack + 15s taunt + self heal
L14 Gift of the Fallen instant 10s 20 STA +13 STA attack self-buff
L17 Dread Offering instant 10s 20 STA party defense buff
L20 Titan Aegis instant 10s 24 STA +15.5 STA +200 STA,ranged defense buff
Skill Max Damage Cast Time Cooldown Cost Cost/level Notes
L11 Divine Protection (Warrior) instant 1s 5 MP +4 MP Magic defense buff
L11 Divine Might (Warrior) instant 1s 5 MP +4 MP attack buff
L14 Divine Wind instant 1s 5 MP +4 MP +30% movement buff
Skill Max Damage Cast Time Cooldown Cost Cost/level Notes
L11 Healing Ray 2100 1s 30s 10 MP
L11 Holy Aura 1200 instant 30s 11 MP heal + cure
L14 Healing Wave 1250 2s 20s 14 MP party heal
L17 Resurrection 5s 60s 36 MP revive dead player

Neosteam Classes
Starting Jobs: Warrior Mystic Machinist Scout
Elerd Jobs: Crusader Templar Arcanist Evoker Artificer Gadgeteer Warden Shadowreaver
Rogwel Jobs: Vanguard Justicar Sorcerer Animator Galvanist Tinkerer Strider Nightstalker
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