human-shadow-walker-cross.png Uses Blade skills
Has special Venom/Oil skills
Basic Bow skills
Can sneak to surprise enemies
Can wear Light Armor
All skills use Stamina
Can Root and Stun


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Melee damage, debuffer, sneak attacks

Race Selection

Current Rankings (based on Str and Con)
1. Human/Taxn
2. Rogwel Pom/Elerd Elf (-2 Str, -2 Con)
3. Tarune/Lupine/Lyell (-2 Str, -4 Con)
4. Elerd Pom/Rogwel Elf (-5 Str, -2 Con)
Unknown: Rogwel Taxn

Job Comparison

vs Shadowreaver
Nightstalkers and Shadowreavers have the same Blademaster skills.
Nightstalkers debuff, Shadowreavers buff
Have slightly different Darkness attack skills
Different basic bow skills.

vs Strider/Warden
Blademaster skills are identical exept for the last skill.
Howling Slice doesn't have a debuff like Strider/Warden Howling Curse
Striders/Wardens get more Bow skills.
Nightstalkers are debuffers and don't have buffs
Nightstalkers don't get a heal or cure.


Nightstalker BLADEMASTER
Skill Max Damage Cast Time Cooldown Cost Cost/level Notes
L01 Focal Slice 130 instant 8s 7 STA
L03 Blade Whirl 140 AOE instant 15s 8 STA
L06 Dual Wield (Sword) passive wield two one-handed swords
L11 Frenzied Slash counterattack instant 20s 11 STA +7.5 STA
L14 Mangle 100 instant 25s 23 STA +15 STA multiple attacks, random dmg
L17 Howling Slice 240 instant 15s 12 STA +8.5 STA
Nightstalker DARKNESS
Skill Max Damage Cast Time Cooldown Cost Cost/level Notes
L11 Lifesteal 180 instant 30s 15 STA +10.5 STA attack + chance of self-heal
L11 Camouflage invisibility 2s 30s 15 STA +10.5 STA move while invisible
L14 Murderous Edge 220 instant 35s 15 STA +10.5 STA bonus damage vs debuffed targets
L14 Lockpicking passive unlock outdoor treasure chests
L20 Assassination special attack instant 40s 35 STA + 24 STA do a % of target's HP in damage
Nightstalker MARKSMAN (Bow)
Skill Max Damage Cast Time Cooldown Cost Cost/level Notes
L11 Dual Shot 180 instant 6s 7 STA
L11 Concealed Blade 200 instant 15s 10 STA defense debuff
Nightstalker VENOM EDGE
Skill Max Damage Cast Time Cooldown Cost Cost/level Notes
L11 Poison Strike debuff instant 5s 5 STA poison
L11 Slow Strike debuff instant 10s 5 STA run speed debuff + chance of defense debuff
L14 Sleep Strike debuff instant 10s 6 STA put target to Sleep for 10s
L17 Exhaustion Strike debuff instant 10s 6 STA attack speed debuff + chance to remove buff
L20 Root Strike 160 instant 10s 7 STA chance to root target for 8s
L25 Stun Strike 160 instant 10s 7 STA chance to stun target for 8s

Neosteam Classes
Starting Jobs: Warrior Mystic Machinist Scout
Elerd Jobs: Crusader Templar Arcanist Evoker Artificer Gadgeteer Warden Shadowreaver
Rogwel Jobs: Vanguard Justicar Sorcerer Animator Galvanist Tinkerer Strider Nightstalker
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