pom-tracker-leather.png Uses Blade or Bow skills
Can Tame some monsters
Has a basic heal and basic cure
Has many useful Party skills
Can wear Light Armor
Skills use Stamina and MP


V4yn3s Strider Guide [Official forums]
Strider guide by Hysoka [Official forums]



Ranged or Melee damage, party support, pet class

Race Selection

Current Rankings (based on Str and Con)
1. Human/Taxn
2. Rogwel Pom/Elerd Elf (-2 Str, -2 Con)
3. Tarune/Lupine/Lyell (-2 Str, -4 Con)
4. Elerd Pom/Rogwel Elf (-5 Str, -2 Con)

Job Comparison

vs Wardens
Striders and Wardens have the same Blade and Heal skills.
Striders have different Bow skills.
Striders have different Fortify skills.

vs Nightstalkers/Shadowreavers
Striders can Tame.
Striders have the same Blade skills.
Striders get more Bow skills.
Striders can't use Oils, Marks or Darkness skills (like Sneak).


Skill Max Damage Cast Time Cooldown Cost Cost/level Notes
L01 Focal Slice 130 instant 8s 7 STA
L03 Blade Whirl 140 AOE instant 15s 8 STA
L06 Dual Wield (Sword) passive wield two one-handed swords
L11 Frenzied Slash counterattack instant 20s 11 STA +7.5 STA
L14 Mangle 100 instant 25s 23 STA +15 STA multiple attacks, random dmg
L17 Howling Curse 240 instant 25s 15 STA +10.5 STA Healing lock
works vs immune state
L11 Bark Skin self-buff instant 10s 8 STA +6 STA defense self-buff
L11 Tame pet skill 1s 15 mins 50 STA +33.5 make Calm mob a pet
L14 Nature Expertise party buff instant 25s 11 STA reduce XP loss from monster death
L14 Lookout Expertise party teleport 5s 60s 22 STA teleport party to caster's location
L17 Pacify non-aggro/PvP debuff instant 15s 7 STA make mob non-aggro, debuff STA/MP in PvP
L20 Survival Expertise party buff instant 30s 36 STA reduce MP/STA cost of skills for party
Strider MARKSMAN (Bow)
Skill Max Damage Cast Time Cooldown Cost Cost/level Notes
L11 Dual Shot 180 instant 6s 7 STA
L11 Concealed Blade 200 instant 15s 10 STA defense debuff
L14 Crippling Arrow 240 instant 15s 12 STA stun
L17 Dragon Fang 280 instant 20s 12 STA no aggro
L20 Hydra Needle 240 instant 30s 21 STA +14 STA bonus dmg vs debuff immunity
Skill Max Damage Cast Time Cooldown Cost Cost/level Notes
L11 Rejuvenate 400 1s 8s 7 MP +5 MP
L11 Natural Remedy instant 5s 5 MP +4 MP remove one debuff

Neosteam Classes
Starting Jobs: Warrior Mystic Machinist Scout
Elerd Jobs: Crusader Templar Arcanist Evoker Artificer Gadgeteer Warden Shadowreaver
Rogwel Jobs: Vanguard Justicar Sorcerer Animator Galvanist Tinkerer Strider Nightstalker
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