Elerd Mercus Factory Quests

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Lv 50: Factory Entry Certification

(Bijumir, Roald)

1. Talk to Roland in Bijumir, located near the entrance across from Quest Keeper
2. Collect 10 Chiron's Leather from Chirons at Chiron's Nest/Habitat
==> Steam Balloon from Bijumir to Mercus Factory Entrance
3. Kill L56 Ral Chiron
==>coordinates 10379, 45345
4. Talk to Roland
REWARD: Metal Scales Leather x58, 43750 gold, 393500xp

Lv 50: Railo the Aspiring Warrior

(Bijumir, Railo)

1. Talk to Kailo at Bijumir by the Steam Balloon
2. Collect 20 Claw of Hell Hound from L57 Hell Hounds inside the Mercus Factory
REWARDS: Magic Granted Potion x67, 25k gold, 200k xp

Lv 55 - Danger in Chiron Nest (Martin in Bijumir)

[60Lv] Danger in Chiron Nest
1. Talk to Martin in Biumir across from the subway
2. Kill 2 Hell Keepers inside Mercus factory
REWARDS: Gold Serillone, Magic Greseed Cloth x67, Metal Scales Leather x54, Denic El x15

Lv 55: [60Lv] Cut Off the Supply Route

(Cerity Praha, Trall)
Trall is located inside the Great Hall of Cerity Praha Castle

1. Talk to Trall
2. Collect 10 Mercus Factory Crate from L60 Cargo Carriers in the Mercus Factory
3. Talk to Trall

REWARDS: Stanum Ingot x42, 37500g, 500k xp

Lv 55: [60Lv] The Hell Keepers (Boss Fight) (Repeatable)

(Bijumir, Maltin) (Repeatable)
Maltin is located in the southern part of Bijumir

1. Talk to Maltin
2. Kill the two L70 Hell Keepers in the Mercus Factory
3. Talk to Maltin
REWARDS: Gold Gower Stone, Enchanted Gressid Cloth x67, Barbed Leather x54, Nerralith x15

[65Lv]: Maestro Vin Wibbler (HIDDEN) (Boss Fight) (Repeatable)

(Cerity Praha, Karan) (Repeatable)
Maestro Karan is located inside the Great Hall of Cerity Praha Castle

1. Talk to Karan
2. Slay L74 Maestro Vin Wibbler in the Mercus Factory
3. Talk to Karan

REWARDS: Gold Gower Stone, Stanum Ingot x64, Bark x39, Kairolith x2

[65Lv]: The Ancient Colossus (HIDDEN) (Boss Fight) (Repeatable)

(Bijumir, Rigel) (Repeatable)
Rigel is standing in the southern area of Bijumir

1. Talk to Rigel
2. Slay the L74 Colossus in the Mercus Factory
3. Talk to Rigel

REWARDS: Gold Seril Stone, Stanum Ingot x77, Sun Crystal x35, Nerralith x25

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