Elerd Mercus Factory

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The Mercus Factory is a high level area.

You can access the Mercus Factory/Chiron Habitat area by Steam Ballooning from Bijumir.

You have to complete a quest to get access to the Mercus Factory.
There are additional Mercus Factory related quests available.

I am assuming that the Kerman Factory and the Mercus Factory are similar with different floor layouts.

See the Rogwel Kerman Factory page for more information

Lv 50 - Factory Entrance Qualification

[55Lv] Condition to Enter Factory
1. Talk to Roald in Bijumir, located near the entrance across from Quest Keeper
2. Collect 10 Chiron's Leather from Chirons at Chiron's Nest/Habitat
==> Steam Balloon from Bijumir to Mercus Factory Entrance
3. Kill L56 Bane Chiron, located on Mercus Ridge
4. Talk to Roald
REWARD: Metal Scales Leather x58, 43750 gold, 393500xp

Entering the Mercus Factory

Tunnel 1st Floor

L57 Hellhound-

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