Elerd Guild Quests

Talk to Guild Boss Aion at Cerity Praha Castle
Guild Boss Aion is located on the south side of the Tranquil Garden, southwest of the golden Dragon Statue

(G) [15Lv] Guild Certification

1. Slay the Spider King in the Buried Temple
==> Steam Balloon from Cerity Praha > Frande Lookout > Detron Lookout
==> Steam Balloon from Detron Lookout > Wilderness > Buried Temple
==> Go NW from the flag to around [21149, 42599]
==> Slay the [L14 Spider King], big green spider
2. Report back to Aion, in Cerity Praha
3. Collect 5 Kenoan Leaves from the Road of Wisdom
==> Steam Balloon from Cerity to Frande Lookout
==> Go south along the road until you get to the Road of Wisdom
==> Look for the green dots on the minimap
==> Click on brownish weeds
==> Most of the leaves can be found north of the flag
4. Bring the leaves to Aion
5. Collect 3 Sundew Leaves from [L15/16 Sundew], on the Road of Loyalty and the Road of Mercy
==> Steam Balloon from Cerity > Frande Lookout > Detron Lookout
==> Exit Detron through the south exit and go south in the Grove of Fate
==> Cross the bridge to get to the Road of Mercy
==> Hunt the Sundews for the Sundew Leeaves
==> drop rate on leaves is about 20%
6. Bring the leaves to Aion
7. Find the document inside the chest in Revenant Forest and bring the document to Aion
==> Steam Balloon from Cerity > Tirun Lookout > Rienne Lookout
==> Go north over the bridge to the Road of Loyalty
==> Keep going north and take the first path going NE when the road starts going NW
==> Go over the bridge into the Revenant Forest
==> Go north along the eastern coast
==> You'll get to some ruins with a L22 Corrupt Guardian
==> Clear any mobs in the area
==> Click on the Chest at [23025, 28951] to get the Document
==> It takes about 10 seconds to get the document
==> Talk to Aion
8. Get the Guild Master's Sword
==> Talk to Aion to Warp to a Remote Island
==> The Guild Master's Sword will be to the east surrounded by many L16 Sword Spirits
==> It takes about 10 seconds to get the sword
==> Any attacks will interrupt taking the sword
9. Bring the Guild Master's Sword to Aion
==> Use the Warp gate to the west to return to Cerity Praha
REWARDS: Guild License

Making a Guild

1. Complete the Guild Creation Test
2. Talk to Ion with the Certificate of Guild in inventory
3. Type in Guild name
Guild name will appear between square brackets: [Guild]

Guild Management

Talk to Aion to increase the guild level.

Guild Level 0: 30 total guild members

Guild Level 1: 40 total guild members
Need 15 guild members
Total guild member levels must be at least 600
Need 7 million gold

Guild Level 2: 50 total guild members
Total guild member levels must be at least 1300
Need 30 million gold

Guild Level 3:

Guild Quests

Talk to Amabassador Zyph to get Guild Quests
Ambassador Zyph is at Cerity Praha Castle by Aion

(G) [15Lv] Rontas the Double Agent

1. Assassinate Rontas, in the Buried Temple
==> Steam Balloon from Bijumir > Detron Lookout
==> Exit Detron Lookout through the north entrance and go into the Grove of Fate
==> Go NW and take the first path going NE to enter the Buried Temple
==> [L15 Rontas] wanders just inside the entrance of Buried Temple
2. Talk to Zyph at Cerity Praha
REWARDS: Senalith x20

(G) [18Lv] Wanted: Mel G. McRan

1. Assassinate Mel G. McRan on the Road of Loyalty
==> Steam Balloon from Frande Lookout > Wilderness > Revenant Forest
==> Go east to the coast then head south and look for the bridge
==> Go over the Bridge and keep going south
==> [L18 Mel G. McRan] will be in the valley south of the bridge before the road that goes NW/SE around [22930, 25536]
==> You can also exit Rienne Lookout from the north entrance, go over the bridge, and take the first path going NE to find McRan
REWARDS: Senalith x25

(G) [21Lv] Gratan's Criminal Group

1. Assassinate Grantan in the Revenant Forest
==> Go to Rienne Lookout and exit through the north entrance
==> Go north over the bridge into the Revenant Forest
==> Take the first path going west and nead NW
==> Go through the large ring gate with glowing, green glyphs
==> Go due west after going through the ring gate
==> Keep going west following the soutern wall
==> You should start going uphill and eventually reach a dead end with a ruined building
==> L21 Gratan and L21 Gratan's Henchmen are in the dead end around [20738, 28558]
2. Talk to Zyph
REWARDS: Senalith x32

(G) [24Lv] The Dark Summoner

1. Assassinate Rok T. McRan near the Pool of Twiligt, in the Docent Forest
==> Go to Frande Lookout
==> Take the path going east that's opposite the stairs
==> Follow the path east through the Spirit Forest, stay between the wooden fences
==> When you get to the last fence before the water go north
==> You should see Rok T. McRan to the NW
==> Kill L24 Rok T. McRan amd watch out for his L24 melee Summon
2. Talk to Zyph
REWARDS: Senalith x38

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