Elerd Quests Level 11-20

Lv. 11: [13Lv] Niblaim's Dilemma

(Nasdaim, Niblaim)
Niblaim stands guard at the entrance of Nasdaim

1. Talk to Niblaim
==> Warp to East Helm
2. Slay 8 [L11 Young Hornshell] in North Helm and East Helm
3. Talk to Niblaim
4. Slay 5 [L14 Giant Wild Stingers] in North Helm and East Helm
==> Steam balloon from Nasdaim > Middle Helm
5. Talk to Niblaim
REWARDS: [L15 Steam Tank III], Senalith x5, 1300g, 1200xp

Lv. 11: [13Lv] Aldrian's Disappearance

(Nasdaim, Ashigane)
High Priest Ashigane stands on the west side of Furnace Square, west of the Save NPC

1. Talk to Ashigane
==> Warp to Middle Helm, go north
2. Talk to Lusa, in Middle Helm
3. Find Aldria, in the Foul Baruk Campground
==> Exit Middle Helm to the east
==> Go NE towards the ruins and look for a path going upwards
==> Go east into the Foul Baruk Campground
==> At the bottom of the ramp go NE
==> Aldrian is at [21269, 19838]on top of a small hill, click on him
4. Talk to Ashigane
REWARDS: Silver Seril Stone, Senalith x8, 4k gold, 6k xp

Lv. 14: [16Lv] Cosmography and You

(Bijumir, Arias)
Arias the Astrologer stands in front of a house on the west side of Bijumir, sout of the Guild House [04435, 42484]

1. Talk to Arias
==> Warp to Road of Courage
2. Examine the first Cosmograph, along the Road of Courage
==> Go south to the first Cosmograph at [15148, 33851]
==> Click on the Cosmograph
3. Recover the Steam Duct Gem from a [L15 Small Sundew] near the Cosmograph
==> Go south along the road to find Small Sundews
4. Click on the first Cosmograph to replace the Steam Duct Gem
5. Examine the second Cosmograph, in Spirit Forest
==> Go south to the Misty Marsh
==> At the fork in the road, take the upper path that leads east
==> Keep going east/northeast hugging the northern wall
==> You'll pass into the Spirit Forest and go east of the Pool of Twiligt
==> The second Cosmograph is at [18556, 32478]
6. Recover the Prism Stone from a [L18 Stray Wood Hulk]
==> Follow the road north and cross over the bridge to Road of Mercy
==> drop rate on Prism Stone is around 12.5%
7. Click on the second Cosmograph to replace the Prism Stone
8. Examine the third Cosmograph, along the Road of Mercy
==> Follow the road north, cross the bridge, keep following the road
==> Third Cosmograph is at [20664, 34624] just south of the bridge
9. Talk to Arias, in Bijumir
REWARDS: [L19 Bronze Sollerets], Nerralith, 13130g, 19860xp

Lv. 15: [16Lv] Gerin Paste

(Terrawhale's Esophagus, Prink)

1. Talk to Prink
==> Enter the Terrawhale's Esophagus
==> Go north, east, north, east
2. Get Gerin Paste from Blizia, in Bijumir
3. Give the Gerion paste to Prink
REWARDS: Enhanced Nutrition Stone, 1110g, 8478xp

Lv. 16: [18Lv] Deriod

(Terrawhale's Intestine, Deriod)

1. Talk to Deriod
==> Enter the Terrawhale's Intestines
==> Go all the way south then go east
==> Go all the way east then go north
==> Take the first path going west
2. Slay L18 Deiron
==> Loot Gibon's Box from the corpse
3. Talk to Gibon, in Bijumir
==> Safety Inspector Gibon is in NE Bijumir by the Subway
REWARDS: Silver Seril Stone, 2310g, 16620xp

Lv. 16: [18Lv] Probing the Terrawhale

(Bijumir, Anwyn)
Anwyn is just east of the class trainers outside Bijumir

1. Talk to Anywyn
2. Explore the Terrawhale's Intestines
==> Find the terrawhale in the Terrawhale Habitat
==> Click on the Terrawhale to ente the mouth
==> Tickle the uvula to enter the Esophagus
==> Go north, east, north, east, southeast, east, north
==> Click on the arrow to enter the Stomach
==> In the Stomach go south
==> Defeat the L20 Giant Mossy Stone
==> Click on the arrow to enter the Intestines
2. Talk to Anwyn
REWARDS: Silver Gower Stone, 1306g, 10930xp

Lv. 17: [19Lv] Roenin's Ransom

(Bijumir, Roenin)
Roenin wanders in northwest Bijumir by the Guild House

1. Talk to Roenin
==> Warp to Road of Courage
2. Recover Wuffles's Necklace from Lusaic
==> Go south along the Road of Courage
==> Lusaic and Wuffles are around [14010, 31580]
==> Talk to Lusaic
==> Defeat L19 Rusaic
==> Talk to Wuffles
==> Defeat L17 Mad Wuffles
==> Loot Wuffles's Necklace from the corpse of Mad Wuffles
3. Bring the necklace to Roenin
REWARDS: Nerralith, 2k gold, 15k xp

Lv. 17: [19Lv] Answering the Job Post

(Bijumir, Job Post)
The Job Post is by Pender/Pet Trainer, west of the center of the Origin of Light

1. Talk to the Job Post
==> Warp to Detron Lookout
2. Talk to Zigli
==> He wanders around the save NPC
3. Get a Pendant of the Dead from a Spirit of Evil in the Revenant Forest
==> Warp to Revenant Forest
==> Go north and hunt L22 Spirit of Evil until you can loot the pendant
==> drop rate on pendant is about 50%
4. Find Postine's corpse in the Revenant Forest
==> Go west towards the flag
==> Postine's corpse is at [20089, 32376]
==> Click on the corpse
==> Defeat the L22 Postine's Phantom
5. Talk to Zigli
REWARDS: Nerralith, 7k gold, 26910xp

Lv. 18: [20Lv] Save the Terrawhales! (Boss Fight)

(Bijumir, Anwyn)
Anwyn is just east of the class trainers outside Bijumir

1. Talk to Anwyn
2. Defeat the Mantodean living inside the Terrawhale
==> Enter the Terrawhale's Intestine
==> Go all the way south then all the way east
==> Go north and take the first path going east
==> Destroy the two L15 Tree Vine then click on the arrow to enter the Abdomen
==> Gather 12 Moss Herbs from L19 Mossy Stones in the Abdomen
==> Mossy Stones spawn near the corners of the room
==> Mossy Stones respawn after about 10 monites
==> Enter the Heart by clicking on the arrow at the east end of the Abdomen
==> Use the 12 Moss Herbs to summon L30 Mantodean
==> Mantodean will spawn with 3 L19 Mantodean Spawn
==> The L20 Hard Mossy Stones will assist
==> Kill Mantodean
3. Talk to Anwyn
REWARDS: Off-Road Buggy, 7k gold, 40200xp

Lv. 18: [20Lv] The Dark Aura

(Detron Lookout, Unknown Mage)
The Unknown Mage is north from the Steam Balloon at Detron Lookout

1. Talk to Unknown Mage
==> Choose one: Experience, Trust, Faith, Sacrifice
==> Choose one: Mercy, Courage, Loyalty, Wisdom
{Sacrifice, Courage]
==> Warp to Road of Wisdom
2. Obtain Water of Wisdom from a [L18 Spirit of Wisdom] along the road of Wisdom and bring water to the Unknown Mage
==> Go east and look for the Spirit of Wisdom in the area that's east of the flag and west of the gate
==> Talk to the Unknon Mage
3. Get the Fire of Courage from a [L18 Spirit of Courage] along the Road of Courage and bring the fire to the Unknown Mage
==> Steam Balloon from Detron Lookout > Wilderness > Road of Courage
==> Go south and look for the Spirit of Courage NE of the flag and east of the road
==> Loot the Fire of Courage from the corpse
==> Talk to the Unknown Mage
==> Warp to Dragonfang Ridge
4. Examine the Dragon Statue
==> Click on the sparklies at the top of the steps of the statue
==> Warp to Detron Lookout
5. Talk to the Unknown Mage
6. Slay the [L22 Corrupt Guardian] in the Revenant Forest then talk to the Unknown Mage
==> Steam Ballon from Detron Lookout > Frande Lookout > Wilderness > Revenant Forest
==> Go north and stay to the east
==> Go through Docent Forest and head towards the opening in the wall
==> Keep going north in the northern part of the Revenant Forest
==> The Corrupt Guardians wander around some ruins
==> Slay a [L22 Corrupt Guardian]
==> Talk to the Unknown Mage
REWARDS: Senalith x8, 7k gold, 33k xp, Unknown reward [L22 Scale Armor]

Lv. 20: Riall

(Cerity Praha, Ernas)
Ernas is in the NW section of the Tranquil Garden
This quest is inactive

Lv. 20: [20Lv] The Swamp of Despair Base (Repeatable)

(Tirun Lookout, Azwen) (Repeatable)
Azwen Priest stands at the "entrance" of Tirun Lookout

1. Talk to Azwen
2. Assassinate Captain Orche, at the Swamp of Despair Invasion base
==> Steam Balloon from Tirun Lookout > Wilderness > Road of Ordeal
==> Go north into the Road of Ordeal
==> Head northeast and go into the Valley of Suffering
==> Go east in the Valley along the south wall
==> Look for the entrance going south to the Invasion Base
==> Two L20 Guards and L20 Captain Orche
==> Each Guard and the Captain drops 2 Seanalith and sometimes a Nerralith
==> You also get a Soul Crystal for each NPC kill
3. Talk to Azwen
REWARDS: Iron Ingot x56, Nerralith x6, 16800g, 15k xp

[20Lv] Siege Engine Seizure! (HIDDEN)

1. Talk to Setun Knight Karian
==> Setun Knight Karian is located outside Nasdaim by the south Class Trainers
2. Talk to Hidis, in Armankase's Forest
==> Steam Balloon from Nasdaim to Rienne Lookout
==> Exit Rienne Lookout using the north entrance
==> Look for Hidis to the west of the road around [22277, 24778]
2. Regain your nation's siege engine
==> Click on the glowing Byway next to Hidis
==> Warp to a Road of Loyalty area
3. Take control of the siege engine
==> Go west and click on the Firebrand to begin piloting it
5. Defeat 10 Arban Knights
6. Talk to Hidis
==> Open your Inventory using the [I] key
==> Right-click on the Firebrand icon in your inventory to dismount from the Firebrand
==> Click on the Byway to return to Hidis
==> Talk to Hidis
REWARDS: 5500g, 22k xp, 500 Prestige

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