Elerd Quests Levels 21-30

Lv 21: [23Lv] Aisha the Trainee

(Frande Lookout, Scarland)
Scarland is one of the guards at Frande Lookout

1. Talk to Scarland
2. Find Aisha, in the Docent Forest
==> Go west and follow the path into Spirit Forest
==> Aisha is standing at [16145, 29275]
3. Recover the supplies from the Tarosen Thieves and bring the supplies to Aisha
==> Go north and a bit east to find the L22 Tarosen Thieves around a hill at [16479, 30843]
==> Loot Aisha's Supplies from one of the corpses
==> Talk to Aisha
4. Deliver supplies top Airon, at Detron Lookout
==> Airon is a guard at the south entrance of Detron Lookout
REWARDS: Silver Seril Stone, Leather x11, Senalith x8, Nerralith, 2400g, 24k xp

Lv 23: [26Lv] The Pool of Twilight

(Frande Lookout, Debias)
Commissioner Debias is at the top of Frande Lookout, south of the Save NPC

1. Talk to Debias
2. Collect 8 Draconeer Tooth from [L23/24 Draconeer] around the Pool of Twilight and bring the teeth to Debias
==> You can Steam Balloon from Frande Lookout > Wilderness > Pool of Twilight
==> drop rate on teeth is around 25%
==> Bring teeth to Debias
3. Slay a [L26 Soul of fate] at the Pool of Twilight then talk to Debias
==> Located NW of the flag
==> Talk to Debias
REWARDS: Senalith x5, Nerralith x2, 13k gold, 57k xp

Lv 24: [26Lv] The Lord of the Wood (Boss fight)

(Frande Lookout, Debias)
You get this quest automatically after completing The Pool of Twilight

1. Slay the Lord of the Wood in the Pool of Twilight
==> The Lord of the Wood spawns in the northern part of the Pool of Twilight by the waterfall
2. Talk to Debias at Frande Lookout
REWARDS: Nerralith x3, 30k gold, 48k xp

Lv 24: [26Lv] Research Materials

(Tirun Lookout, Ayleen)
Ayleen is a guard at Tirun Lookout

1. Talk to Ayleen
2. Collect 5 Swamp Spirit Saliva from Swamp Spirits in the Whispering reaches and bring them to Ayleen
==> Steam Balloon from Tirun Lookout > Wilderness > Road of Ordeal
==> Go south to the Whispering reaches
==> Hunt [L25/26 Swamp Spirits]
==> drop rate on saliva is about 30%
==> Talk to Ayleen
3. Deliver the research materials to nando, in Cerity praha
==> Nando is located in the NE corner of the Tranquil Garden
REWARDS: Nerralith x2, 6k gold, 24k xp

Lv 25: [25Lv] Wanted: Rienin (Repeatable)

(Nasdaim, Kataros) (Repeatable)
High Priest Kataros stands at the entrance of Nasdaim

1. Talk to Kataros
2. Assassinate Rienin, at Meinen Outpost in Rogwel

REWARDS: Rendin Ingot x10, Senalith x50, 10 Prestige

Lv 25: [25Lv] Drillmaster Claywen (Repeatable)

(Bijumir, Hagios) (Repeatable)
High Priest Hagios is at the entrance to Bijumir

1. Talk to Hagios
2. Assassinate Drillmaster Claywen at Dolph Outpost in Rogwel
REWARDS: Steel Moss x10, Senalith x50, 10 Prestige

Lv 28: [30Lv] Friends Forever?

(Tirun Lookout, Guy)
Guy is the Items merchant at Tirun Lookout

1. Talk to Guy
2. Deliver the Creeper Wine to Verno at Cerity Praha
==> Verno is the Heavy Armor merchant
==> Verno is located NW of the Save NPC
3. Get a Chora Goblin's Gun and bring it to Jellid, in the Forgotten Land
==> Exit Cerity Praha using the north entrance
==> Hunt the L30 Chora Goblin Hunters by the flag
==> Drop rate on gun is about 20%
==> Bring gun to Jellid
==> Go west and look for a tent along the western wall
==> Jellid is around [25800, 33442]
==> Talk to Jellid
4. Collect 5 Wastelind Stinger Liver from [L27/28 Wasteland Stinger] and bring the livers to Jellid
==> Drop rate on livers is around 20% and may drop more from the L27 Stingers
==> Talk to Jellid
5. Get a Polluted Flytrap Leaf from a Polluted Flytrap and bring the leaf to Jellid
==> Go NE from Jellid and loot a leaf from a L30 Pullted Flytrap
==> Talk to Jellid
6. Bring the Freshark Brandy to Verno, in Cerity Praha
REWARDS: Senalith x8, Nerralith, 9100g, 45k xp, Unknown reward [L31 Socket Leather Shoes]

Lv 28: [32Lv] Bad Omens

(Cerity Praha, Ernas)
Ernas is located on the north side of Tranquil Garden around [29009, 31127]

1. Talk to Ernas
2. Find the meteor in the northern region of the Storm Desert
==> Exit Cerity Praha using the south entrance
==> Go SE in the Stale Land to the Storm Desert
==> Go east in the Storm Desert
==> Click on the Meteor at [31040, 26451]
3. Talk to the relic hunter in the Storm Desert
==> Go SE from the meteor
==> Talk to Bain at [33446, 25832] at the ruins
4. Find Kilu, in the Dark Wizard's Sanctuary
==> Go west from the ruins
==> Go SW and head towards the reddish-brown area on the minimap
==> Go into the canyon to find the Dark Wizard Sanctuary
==> Go south, west, take first path south, go all the way east, go north into the small room
==> Click on Pom body by the large web in the NW corner of the room [27172, 23065]
5. Slay the Evil Spirit in the Dark Wizard's Sanctuary then talk to Ernas
==> Exit the room, go south, go all the way west to the ruined room
==> Take the exit on the SE corner of the room and enter the tunnel going south, go east into the huge room
==> Slay the L30 Evil Spirit near the center of the room
==> Talk to Ernas at Cerity Praha
REWARDS: Nerralith x3, 3800g, 45k xp, Unknown reward [L31 Socket Bronze Gauntlets]

Lv 30: [30Lv] Candidate Riorden (Repeatable)

(Nasdaim, Kataros) (Repeatable)
High Priest Kataros stands at the entrance of Nasdaim

1. Talk to Kataros
2. Assassinate Riorden, at Tinburin Outpost in Rogwel

REWARDS: Bark x5, Senalith x60, 10 Prestige

Lv 30: [30Lv] The Barren Wastes Base

(Cerity Praha, Arhest)
General Arhest is found inside Cerity Praha Castle at the east end of the Great Hall

1. Talk to Arhest
2. Assassinate Captain Baldios, at the Barren Wastes invasion base
==> Steam Balloon from Tirun Lookout > Wilderness > Cursed Land
==> Go north and take the west branch
==> Keep going north into the Storm Desert
==> When you get out of the canyon, head NE towards the palm trees
==> Look for the ruins to the south
==> Go through the ruins and go up the hill to the invasion base
==> There are two L30 Guards and L30 Captain Baldios
==> Each NPC drops 2 Nerraliths and a Soul Crystal
3. Talk to Arhest
REWARDS: Steel Moss x60, Nerralith x12, 33600g, 47250xp

Lv 30 : [34Lv] Cochrain the Alchemist

(Cerity Praha, Job Post)
The Cerity Praha Job Post is located by the central fountain near the Save NPC

1. Click on the Job Post
2. Talk to Cochrain, between the Forgotten Land and the Hollow Land
==> Go NE in the Forgotten Land
==> Cochrain is located near the arch that's between the Forgotten land and the Hollow land at [28640, 34507]
3. Collect 5 Stone Golem Dust and bring them to Cochrain
==> Go west and hunt the [L30 Stone Golem] in the Forgotten Land
==> Drop rate on the dust is about 30%
==> Talk to Cochrain
4. Collect 5 Storm Charger Dust and bring them to Cochrain
==> Go east and hunt [L33/34 Storm Charger] in the Hollow Land
==> Drop rate on dust is about 30%
==> Talk to Cochrain
5. Collect 3 Golem Gem and bring the gems to Cochrain
==> Go east into the Hollow Land and hunt [L34 Giant Stone Golem]
==> Drop rate on the gems is around 12.5%
==> Talk to Cochrain
REWARDS: [L32 Semi-rare Bronze Plate], Nerralith x6, 9350g, 66k xp

Lv 30: [34Lv] Shockton's Collection

(Cerity Praha, Shockton)
Shockton stands in the north part of Craftman's Road at [27217, 30921]. north of the rmor merchants

1. Talk to Shockton
2. Talk to Phillian, in Cerity Praha
==> Phillian is at the Guild House in the south part of the Tranquil Garden
==> Warp to a Remote Island
3. Find the Sealed Box
==> Go east from the warp point
==> Click on the Sealed Box at [06395, 21777]
4. Get the Inquisitor's Rib from a Rawbone and place it in the sealed box
==> The Rib can drop from any of the rawbone mobs
==> After looting the Rib, go back and click on the seald box
5. Get the Inquisitor's Skull from any Rawbone then click on the box
6. Get the Inquisitor's Soulsphere from any Rawbone and click on the sealed box
7. Get the Tear of Blood from the Phantom Inquisitor and bring it to Shockton
==> Defeat the L33 Phantom Inquisitor
==> Loot the Tear of Blood from the Inquisitor's corpse
==> You can use the Warp Gate at the east end of the island to return to Cerity Praha at the SW vorner of the Tranquil Garden
==> Go down the stairs and go north
==> Talk to Shockton
REWARDS: Leather x31, Nerralith x6, 8100g, 60k xp

[30Lv] Siege Engine Assault! (HIDDEN)

1. Talk to Setun Knight Karian
==> Setun Knight Karian is located outside Nasdaim by the south Class Trainers
2. Talk to Anders at Turtle Beach
==> Steam Balloon from Nasdaim > Wilderness > Salt Foundry
==> Go south and a bit west
==> Setun Knight Anders is standing at [15488, 17316]
3. Use the byway near anders to sneak into the enemy camp
==> Click on the sparkly portal by Anders
==> Warp to Turtle Beach
4. Board the Water Cannon
==> Go NW and click on the Water Cannon
5. Destroy 5 Suppressors using the Water Cannon
==> Target an enemy Supressor and use the autoattack key to attack
6. Talk to Anders
==> Open your inventory and right-click on the Water Cannon to dismount
==> Click on the Byway to the SE to return to Anders
==> Talk to Anders
REWARDS: 11k gold, 68k xp, 750 Prestige

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