Elerd Siege Engine Missions

First two missions have been updated


Karian outside of Nasdaim has three Setun Knight missions.

Each mission allows you to control a Siege Engine and earn Patriotism.

After completing all three quests, you get the title Siege Engine Operator.

[20Lv] Siege Engine Seizure! (HIDDEN)

1. Talk to Setun Knight Karian
==> Setun Knight Karian is located outside Nasdaim by the south Class Trainers
2. Talk to Hidis, in Armankase's Forest
==> Steam Balloon from Nasdaim to Rienne Lookout
==> Exit Rienne Lookout using the north entrance
==> Look for Hidis to the west of the road around [22277, 24778]
2. Regain your nation's siege engine
==> Click on the glowing Byway next to Hidis
==> Warp to a Road of Loyalty area
3. Take control of the siege engine
==> Go west and click on the Firebrand to begin piloting it
5. Defeat 10 Arban Knights
6. Talk to Hidis
==> Open your Inventory using the [I] key
==> Right-click on the Firebrand icon in your inventory to dismount from the Firebrand
==> Click on the Byway to return to Hidis
==> Talk to Hidis
REWARDS: 5500g, 22k xp, 500 Prestige

[30Lv] Siege Engine Assault! (HIDDEN)

1. Talk to Setun Knight Karian
==> Setun Knight Karian is located outside Nasdaim by the south Class Trainers
2. Talk to Anders at Turtle Beach
==> Steam Balloon from Nasdaim > Wilderness > Salt Foundry
==> Go south and a bit west
==> Setun Knight Anders is standing at [15488, 17316]
3. Use the byway near anders to sneak into the enemy camp
==> Click on the sparkly portal by Anders
==> Warp to Turtle Beach
4. Board the Water Cannon
==> Go NW and click on the Water Cannon
5. Destroy 5 Suppressors using the Water Cannon
==> Target an enemy Supressor and use the autoattack key to attack
6. Talk to Anders
==> Open your inventory and right-click on the Water Cannon to dismount
==> Click on the Byway to the SE to return to Anders
==> Talk to Anders
REWARDS: 11k gold, 68k xp, 750 Prestige

[40Lv] Get Back the Siege Weapon (HIDDEN)

1. Talk to Karian/Setin Unit outside Nasdaim
2. Talk to Rian/Setin Unit at southern part of Devil Tower around 29319/04390
3. Click on Portal/Secret Path
4. Click on Rock Breaker
5. Kill all L45 Alban Unit (use Tab to target and [~] auto-attack)
6. Destroy the L45 Wire Entanglement
7. Open Inventory and click on Rock Breaker to dismount
8. Click on Secret Path
9. Talk to Rian
REWARDS: 17500 gold, 156k xp, +1000 Patriotism

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