Rogwel Main Storyline Quest Rope Isle

This page needs to be updated from lvl 50-64 quest (Name on LV64 QUEST)


The Main Storyline continues on Rope Isle.

Lv 50 - To Rope Isle (HIDDEN)

1. Talk to Kianus in Greticos Castle
==> Turn in Mercenary License and Lucian Feed Certificate
2. Talk to Ansiga in Steel Stronghold at Rope Isle
==> Take Zeppelin from Garnedine to Rope Isle
** Requires 40 Soul Crystals **
3. Talk to Ansiga/Captain (SE part of Steel Stronghold)
REWARDS: Stanium Ingot x20, 5k gold, 72k xp
Gain Title : Seasoned Explorer

(M) [61Lv] Unseen Dangers

1. Talk to Captain Ansiga (SE Steel Stronghold) 5k gold, 60k xp
2. Talk to Ensign Benedict
3. Kill 10 L61 Young Plains Hippo (just outside Rocky Basecamp)
4. Kill 10 L61 Dread Spore in Hazy Plains
5. Kill 10 L62 Plains Hippo in Hazy Plains
6. Talk to Ensign Benedict
REWARDS: Enchanted Vial x54, Kairolith x2, 20k gold, 513000xp

Have to be Level 62 to continue Main Quest

(M) [62Lv] Van Hart Supplies

1. Be level 62 and talk to Benedict at Steel Stronghold
2. Deliver Supplies to Trodes near Lucian Staging Area
==> Located on the east coast of Hazy Plains (07546/06197)
3. Deliver supplies to Kyurid
==> Located SW from Torres by the side of a building (05886,05015)
4. Deliver Condition Report to Benedict
REWARDS: Barbed Leather x25, Nerralith x23, 20k gold, 210k xp

Have to be Level 63 to continue Main Quest

(M) [63Lv] Suspicious Man Hanel

1. Be Level 63 and talk to Benedict
2. Find Hanel in the Black Swamp
==> SW peninsula in Black Swamp (00309,10271)
3. Get Flutebox by killing L63 Karelak the Extremist
==> located at Lucian Staging Area, southern Hazy Plain
==> east side of Staging Area (07627,05141)
4. Give Pipebox to Hanel in Black Swamp
5. Talk to Benedict
6. Talk to Kil/Maestro inside Greticos Castle he is next to kisuni his name is cut of so it is named like Kil
7. Talk to Benedict at Steel Stronghold
8. Talk to Hanel
9. Talk to Benedict
REWARDS: Mother Tree Cloth x21, Nairalith x26, 38500 gold, 382632xp

(M) [64Lv] Captured Worker

1. Talk to Benedic at Iron Base and be level 64
2. Rescue Helman at the Rupian Advance Camp
==> Steam Balloon from Iron Base to Defense Hazy lands
==> Rupian Advance Camp is in NW Smoky Plain just inside the Black Swamp
==> go west from Defense Gateway and look for L61 Dead Spores
==> look for a hill going up
==> go up the hill and go east
==> talk to Helman (04020,11522)
3. Kill the L64 Lucian Red Decon and loot the Hellman Document
==> will have some L63 Rupian Feed and L64 Rupian Guard with him
==> not a 100% drop from Lucian Red Decon
4. Talk to Hadrian at Island Defense Gateway
REWARDS: Top Quality Leather x12, Nerralith x25, 27600 gold, 66330xp

(M) [65Lv] Kuru The Crom Informant

1. Be level 65 and talk to Hadrian at Island Defense Gateway
2. Go to Mediation Square and talk to Informer Kuru
3. Collect 15 Gas of Land from L65/L66 Young Rock Hippo and Rock Hippo of Land at Fallen Land (06284,02282)
4. Collect 15 Rotten Gas from L65 Dire/Young/Hippo at Oblivion Swamp (04091,13421)
5. Talk to Kuru
REWARDS: Tough Bark x15, Kairolith x4, 47500 gold, 1173000xp

(M) [66Lv] Kuru's Evil Designs

1. Talk to Kuru in Mediation Square
2. Collect 20 Rough Chiron Leather from L67 Young Feral Chiron or L68 Feral Chirons at Plains of Destruction
3. Talk to Kuru
REWARDS: Cloth of World Tree x25, Nerralith x32, 40400 gold, 1032000xp

(M) [69Lv] The Lucian Objective

1. Talk to Kuru at Mediation Square
2, Collect 15 Ancient Gear from L69 Ancient Warbot in Tragedy Valley
3. Talk to Kuru to get Letter of Court
4. Talk to Benedic in Iron Base
REWARDS: Tough Bark x10, Kairolith x3, 32100 gold, 849000xp

(M) [95Lv] Expedition Test

Get to level 91 and go to the Taxn Alliance

1. Talk to Kestin
==> Kestin [07739, 05604], north side of Deluke between the crafting machines and Kolm - Specialist
2. Talk to Perik in the Ancient Ruins
==> Defeat L95 Belchaim and loot Belchaim's sword from body
==> have to kill once for each person
3. Talk to Perik
4. Talk to Kestin
5. Talk to Teinon
==> Duvak is located in the Forest's Edge of Windwood around [11530, 06990]
6. Talk to Flit
==> Platoon Leader Flit is standing on the west side of Sacred Clearing around [13543, 05287]
REWARDS: Title: Wordly Explorer

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