Riall Starter and Specialization Quests

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All new characters start in Riall Town by the Pufu Farm.
You can do a series of starter quests in Riall Town that will also let you specialize.
You can still go to Elerd, Rogwel, or Taxn and do the Exploration quests there.
You have to to go Elerd/Rogwel to get your heal/attack/steal pet.

[ 1Lv] A New Departure

1) Talk to Eira
2) Talk to Tatuya, in Jarit's Farm
REWARDS: 160 xp, Care Package Lv 2

[ 1Lv] Pufu Hunting

1) Slay 5 [L1 Young Riall Pufus]
2) Talk to Tatuya
REWARD: 220xp
3) Talk to Jezarythe
REWARD: 520xp

[ 3Lv] Piyo Fertilizer

1) Collect 5 Piyo Fruit from [L6 Riall Piyos]
2) Talk to Jezarythe
REWARDS: 430 xp, Care Package Lv 6
3) Talk to Kortha
REWARD: 1280xp

[6Lv] Shaving Pufus

1) Collect 3 Pufu Furs from Riall Pufus
==> Left-click on the [NPC Riall Pufus] in the corral
2) Talk to Kortha
REWARD: 890xp
3) Collect 10 Pufu Furs from [L9 Riall Pufus]
4) Talk to Kortha
REWARD: 1620 exp
5) Talk to Anvaya
REWARD: 3800exp

(M) [ 9Lv] Fuzzleton the Third

1) Catch [L9 Fuzzleton the Third]
==> Defeat Fuzzleton
==> Loot Sedated Fuzzleton from the defeated Pufu
2) Talk to Anvaya
REWARD: 680xp
3) Talk to Jarit
4) Specialize in your class:

Starting Class Elerd Rogwel
Warrior Crusader | Templar Vanguard | Justicar
Mystic Arcanist | Evoker Sorcerer | Animator
Machinist Artificer | Gadgeteer Galvanist | Tinkerer
Scout Warden | Shadowreaver Strider | Nightstalker

REWARDS: 4100xp, Title: Junior Explorer, Premium Package Lv 13, Class Package Lv 10
Elerd players also get Ruirven's Letter.

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