Rogwel Quests Level 1 to 10

Lv. 2: [ 4Lv] Got Ingot?

(Duiren, Jeniss)
Jenuss is the Accessories merchant in Diren
NW Diren in the Merchant District [5421,27003]

1. Bring Jeniss 2 Iron Ingot
no quest flag
Loot Iron Ingot from mobs OR Get two Iron Ore and refine into Iron Ingots
REWARDS: Senalith, 3500 gold

Lv. 3: [ 5Lv] Getting Your Hands Dirty…

(Garnedine, Luken)
Luken is a Pom NPC that wanders northern Portis's Square

1. Gather 5 Nepenthes Droppings
==> kill [L4/5 Nepenthes], in the Garnedine Fields
==> brown plant mobs north of the mining area, common drop
2. Bring the droppings to Lukan to get Nepenthes Solution
3. Use the Nepenthes Solution to recover Lukan's Bag from the Terrawhale Habitat
==> Lukan's Bag is located at [55269,10145]
==> Click on the bag to recover it
4. Deliver bag to Lukan
REWARDS: Senalith, 150g, 750xp, Unknown reward [L8 Rusty Armor]

Lv. 4: [ 6Lv] Assisting Harkon

(Diren, Harkon)
Harkon is one of the Diren guards
located at the main entrance of Diren [05929, 26103]

1. Slay 10 [L4 Baby Spikeshell]
2. Report to Harkon
3. Kill [L6 Jumbo Clawshell]
==> Diren Strand, south of the mining area
4. Talk to Harkon
REWARDS: [L6 Semi-Rare Dirk], 300xp

Lv. 4: [ 6Lv] Assisting Perion

(Garnedine, Perion)
Perion is a guard at the Main Entrance

1. Slay [L6 Aggressive Stinger]
==> look for an extra large stinger mob around Wail Lake
2. Report to Perion
REWARDS: Senalith, 880g, 360xp

Lv. 5: [ 7Lv] Myuni Needs You

(Diren, Myuni)
located at the SW corner of the plaza by the Quest Keeper [05651,26343]

1. Talk to Muni
2. Warp to Rusty Coast, Seaview Road
3. Talk to Garneth, outside Lante's House
Garneth wanders
4. Obtain the Crom Engine from [L7 Crom Machine No. 1] on the Desolate Beach
5. Bring the Crom Engine to Myuni
6. Destroy [L7 Crom Machine No. 2] in the Terrawhale Habitat
7. Talk to Myuni
REWARDS: Senalith, 2500g, 1500xp

Lv. 6: [ 8Lv] Kun's Missing Son

(Diren, Kun)
Kun is the 1H Weapons merchant
NW Diren, Merchant District [05525,27236]

1. Find Kun's son, Kiko, southwest of Diren
==> located at [04799,23755]
2. Kill [L8 Adolescent Spider]
3. Talk to Kiko
4. Talk to Kun
5. Get two Mitacham Buds, east of Diren
==> look for small plants with blue and purple flowers
6. Bring the Mitacham Buds to Kun
REWARDS: [L10 Semi-Rare Clockwork Gloves], Senalith, 950g, 1200xp

Lv. 9: [11Lv] A Rational Request

(Diren, Lohros)
Lohor is one of the guards at the Front Entrance of Diren

1. Talk to Lohoros
2. Warp to Rusty Coast, Seaview Road
3. Go east to Volsin Gate
4. Give Supplies to Hass
4. Talk to Lohoros
REWARDS: [L5 Small Shield], Senalith, 1050g, 450xp

Lv. 9: [11Lv] The Savage Forest

Garnedine, Zahdak
Zahdak is a guard at the Main Entrance

1. Talk to Zahdak
2. Warp to Living Jungle, Prowling Road, go northwest
3. Talk to Philman
4. Talk to Zahdak
REWARDS: [L6 Semi-Rare Oak Staff], 450xp

Lv. 9: [11Lv] Bounty Hunting

(Diren, Pria)
Guard Captain Pria stands at the Front Entrance of Diren

1. Slay [L10 Barnock], in the Terrawhale Habitat
2. Report back to Pria
3. Slay [L11 Frink], in the Western Shore, by the Terrawhale Habitat
4. Report back to Pria
REWARDS: Senalith, 1800xp, Unknown reward [L11 2H weap] (depends on class)

Lv. 10: Flotsam on the Shore

[12Lv] Menaius's Grief
Garnedine, Menaius
Human NPC that wanders southern Portis's Square

1. Talk to Menaius, get Kebian Branch
2. Warp to Savage Forest, go NW
3. Old Box is located at 52922,17400
==> Click on the box to summon the Greysoul
==> Kill the Greysoul
==> Click on the box and Examine to get the Old Bottle
4. Bring the Old Bottle to Menaius
REWARDS: [L11 Archaic Belt], Senalith, 1800xp

Lv. 10: [12Lv] Lante's Lament

(Diren, Pryn)
Pryn is the Robes merchant, SW part of Merchant District

1. Talk to Pryn
2. Warp to Rusty Coast, Seaview Road
3. Talk to Lante
4. Find Corpse of Lante's Wife
==> Go east to Desolate Beach
==> Fight the [L10 Headhunter Underling]
==> Pick Up the corpse
5. Get the Hand of Lante's Wife
==> go east and kill the [L12 Headhunter]
Headhunter does Lv2 Crush (-14atk)
==> Loot the hand from the Headhunter corpse
6. Return to Lante
REWARDS: Senalith, 3000g, 900xp

Lv. 9: [11Lv] Lante's Research

complete Lante's Lament first
{Lantei's House, Lante)
Steam Balloon from Diren > Rusty Coast > Lantei's House

1. Talk to Lante
2. Collect 3 Tridodon Eggs
==> look for small, round rocks on the ground
==> click on the egg and examine it
==> three [L10 Triodon Symbiant[ and [L11 Tridodon Parasite] will spawn
==> Loot the Tridodon Parasite to get the Tridodon Egg
3. Bring the eggs to Lante
REWARDS: [L15 Steam Tank III], Nerralith, 1500g, 1350xp

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