Rogwel Rope Isle Quests

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Lv 50: [50Lv] Rope Isle Certification

(Garnedine, Schutz)
Schutz is located by the zeppelin in SW Garnedine

1. Get to at least level 50
2. Talk to Schutz > Test
3. Collect 40 Soul Crystals and bring them to Schutz
==> Kill other players in PvP
==> Kill NPCs at the invasion bases
==> Buy Soul Crystals from the bazaar/other players
4. Talk to Schutz

REWARDS: Sun Crystal x50, 5k gold, 60k xp, Title: Seasoned Explorer

Lv 61: Hippos in the Mist

(Steel Stronghold, Pavin)
Guard Captain Pavin stands at the entrance of the Steel Stronghold

1. Talk to Pavin
2. Collect 8 Leather of Swamp Hippo from Swamp Gas Hippos in Misty Swamp
3. Talk to Pavin
REWARDS: Stan Ingot x35, Kay El x2, 31500 good, 972k xp

Lv 63: Unhappy Hippos

(Steel Stronghold, Otwon)
Otwon is a guard inside the room in the SE part of the Steel Stronghold

1. Talk to Otwon
2. Collect 12 Tooth of Little Gas Hippo from L64 Young Infected Gas Hippo in Black Swamp
3. Talk to Otwin
REWARDS: Top Quality Leather x15, Denic El x26, 34k gold, 1080k xp

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