The Embezzler

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People seem to have a hard time with this quest. This is a detailed walkthru.

An embezzler is someone who steals money from their job and hides the stolen money using accounting tricks.

You are given three suspects: [Venkod - Manager], [Llewanel - Operator] and [Commissioner Seade]
You have to talk to each suspect and find out what they did with their money.
Each suspect will point you to two other NPCs that they funded.
Talk to the two NPCs mentioned by each suspect.
If the NPC says they got a different amount of money from a suspect, get a receipt from the NPC.
Once you have two receipts, get the account book from the suspect.
Bring the two receipts and the account book to Perges.

Venkod - Manager
located in the NW corner of Craftman's Alley, NW of the Zeppelin
80k to Barton, for building a steam bridge
80k to Yurna, for zeppelin repairs
40k saved

Llewanel - Operator
west side of Portis's square by the subway
60k to Loyden for church renovations
40k to Sharpe - Specialist for educational fund

Commissioner Seade
wanders in the merchant area on the east side of Portis's Square
80k to Ouruha for the Guild Development Fund in Greticos
70k to Sparco as a loan
150k saving for his nest egg

Ouruha is located at Greticos Castle. You have to go to Greticos Castle to talk to Ouruha.

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