Description: Deliver a swift, critical attack against an enemy. More
effective when attacking from behind. More effective if
used while invisible.
Critical attack that always does a certain percentage of enemy's Health
Bonus damage attacking back of target
Bonus damage while attacking in Camouflage
Level: 20
Classes: Nightstalker, Shadowreaver
Requires: Sword
Success Rate: Yes
Max Power: Proportionate to enemy's Health
Level Up: Increased damage, success rate
Cast Time: Instant
Cool Down: 40 seconds
TP/cast: 40
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Cost 35 STA 60 STA 83 STA 107 STA 131 STA 155 STA 250 STA

Low level skill testing has no bonus effect from camouflage.
Attacking front or back of target, with or without camo, had identical damage.
Skill level contributed very little to damage increase.
Assassination did not do a consistent percentage of target's HP in damage on different targets.
See the page discussion for testing notes.

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