Description: Attempt to open a lock
Remove the lock from a treasure chest to get random items
Level: 14
Classes: Nightstalker, Shadowreaver
Success Rate: Yes
Level Up: Increased success rate

Passive skill.
The only unique treasure chest loot is gold dust.
Gold dust has no known purpose.
This skill is considered useless.

Lockpicking 1 Open Broken Treasure Chest Level 1-14 areas
Lockpicking 2 Open Old Treasure Chest Level 1-14 areas
Lockpicking 3 Open Treasure Chest Level 15-26 areas
Lockpicking 4? Open Glowing Treasure Chest Level 15-26/27-34 areas
Lockpicking 5? Open Old Royal Chest Level 27+ areas
Lockpicking 6? Open Royal Chest Level 35-46 areas

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