Quantum Wrath
Description: Perform an assault on a target any any nearby enemies.
Temporarily boosts your Attack Power and Magic Attack
Power proportionate to the damage dealt in the assault.
AOE attack that boosts Attack and Magic Attack for 12s.
Each mob hit by the AOE skill grants an atk/m-atk bonus.
The more mobs hit by the AOE skill, the greater the bonus.
Maximum 5 Targets.
Level: Grandmaster (100/105/109)
Classes: Any
Max Power: 250 (200 For Mystic)
Level Up: Increased Attack/Magic Attack bonus
Consumption: STA (Non-Mystic) / MP (Mystic)
Duration: 12s
Cast Time: Instant
Cool Down: 15 seconds
TP/cast: 15
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
STA/MP Cost 21 36 50 64 78 93 107 121 135 150
+Atk Per Mob (Non-Mystic) 8%
+MAtk Per Mob (Mystic) 6%

NOTE: Calculations of Atk/MAtk percentage gain is above% of the damage you dealt.
Ex: You did a damage of 100 using Level 10 Quantum Wrath, so you gain 6% MAtk (Mystic) of 100 damage.

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