Battlefield Schedule

You can enter the Battlefield 10 minutes before start
No Battlefield on Saturdays between 18:00 and 20:00 PST.

Chrysalis Mean Time/(GMT -8)
2:00am 6:00am 10:00am 2:00pm 6:00pm 10:00pm
Philippine (Pinoy) Time
1:00am 5:00am 9:00am 1:00pm 5:00pm 9:00pm


Battlefield is a timed and level restricted PvP between Elerd and Rogwel.
Also called Steam Core Battlefield or BF for short.

You have to be at least level 41 to enter the Battlefield.
All Levels shared the same Battlefield timings.
Different level category of Battlefield are held in different Battlefield zones.


There is a limit of 9 people per nation until both nations have 9 people.
Additional people can enter the battlefield once each nation has 9 people.
One nation can't have more than 2 additional people compared to the other nation.

Entering the Battlefield

  • For Elerd, talk to Anamoni in Nasdaim, SW Furnace Square by the Zeppelin.
  • For Rogwel, talk to Numa in Garnedine, NE Portis's Square by the Main Entrance.

Inside the Battlefield, talk to Satarin/Elerd or Kurosa/Rogwel to actually enter the Battlefield.

You can also enter the Battlefield from Rope Isle.
It costs 3,000 gold to enter the Battlefield from Rope Isle.
Talk to Kelic/Steamcore Battlefield at Iron Base for Rogwel.
Cycan/Steamcore Battlefield is found in Elerd's Tranquilty Refuge.
You can also exit from the Battlefield to Rope Isle for 3,000 gold.

Animators, Evokers, and Templars should summon after entering the Battlefield.
Summons disappear when you move into the Battlefield.

The Battlefield

Battlefield lasts for 20 minutes.
Battlefield will end early when one nation controls all 5 steam cores.

You will automatically join a party when Battlefield starts.
You are free to make your own party after Battlefield starts.

Anyone can join and leave BF as long as it's still ongoing. NeoSteam (NS) refilling is possible because of this.

The goal is to take control of the 5 Steam Cores that spawn in the center.
Click on the Steam Core to take control of the core (wait for 1 minute "cast" time).
You can steal a Steam Core from the other side.
You also get 1 Prestige for each Steam Core you control or steal from the other side.

Prestige remains constant during the battlefield.
You can kill the same character as many times as you like without a Prestige penalty.

The side that controls the most cores after 20 minutes wins.

  • You get 300 Prestige for controlling all 5 steam cores.
  • You get 100 Prestige if you control 3 or 4 of the steam cores.
  • No bonus Prestige is awarded if the Battlefield ends in a draw.
bf-core.jpg bf-core-elerd.jpg bf-core-rogwel.jpg
Steam Core Elerd Core Rogwel Core

Battlefield Kirin (NOT IMPLEMENTED anymore)


The Battlefield Kirin spawns at the following times:

Time GMT-7 Level Kirin Level
6:40 PM 41 to 50 BF Level 50 Kirin
8:00 PM 71 to 80 BF Level 80 Kirin
8:40 PM 51 to 60 BF Level 60 Kirin
10:40 PM 61 to 70 BF Level 70 Kirin
10:00 PM 81 to 90 BF Level 90 Kirin
7:20 PM 91-99 BF Level 99 Kirin
9:20 PM 100 to 110 BF Level 99 Kirin


Uses the following skills:

Boss Skill Skill Description
Death Herald AOE Counterattack with 15s delay, can be cured
Hazard Storm AOE attack
Attack Power Single target attack
Mortal Attack Single target poison


Battlefield Kirin
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