Any item that can be crafted or refined can be disassembled into materials at a Refining Machine.

Disassembly can only be done by a Machinist that is level 17 minimum.
The Galvanist and Artificer use the Melt Down skill.
The Gadgeteer and Tinkerer have the Dismantle skill.

You can disassemble normal or socketed items.
You have to have the necessary Smithing or Gizmology skill to create the item in order to disassemble the item.
If an item requires Gizmology 5 to create, you have to have Gizmology 5 and Dismantle to disassemble the item.
If you have points in just Melt down or Dismantle without points in Smithing or Gizmology, you cannot disassemble.
I do not know the exact level you need in Melt Down/Dismantle to successfully disassemble items

You can always disassemble items that are made at the Refining Machine.

You cannot disassemble semi-rare or rare items.



1) Talk to the Master Refiner or click on the Refining Machine
2) Select the Disassembly option
3) Place the item you want to disassemble in the Item slot
4) Click on the Disassembly button

Premium Disassembly

There are Premium Disassembly Tools now available

Disassebmly Tool adds +20% to the success rate
Expert Disassembly Tool adds +50% to the success rate

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