Elemental Affinity


Characters can select an Elemental Affinity starting at level 84?
An Elemental Affinity has 5 levels. Each level requires 1 SP.

The Elements

There are four elements: Steel, Spirit, Water, and Fire

Each Element is strong against one of the other elements and weak against a different element.

Somebody without an element is weak against all elements.

Steel > Spirit > Water > Fire > Steel

Element Guild Icon Strong Against Weak Against
No element None All
element_steel.jpg Steel steel.jpg yellow glow that flashes along corners Spirit Fire
element_spirit.jpgSpirit spirit.jpg greenish, rotates counterclockwise Water Steel
element_water.jpgWater water.jpg blue, pulsating glow Fire Spirit
element_fire.jpgFire fire.jpg red glow, rotates counterclockwise Steel Water
Top = Water
Right = Fire
Bottom = Steel
Left = Spirit


You need to collect energy from mobs in Flame Basin or the Underworld.
Elemental Energy can also be mined in the Underworld.
Turn in the energy to the Elementalist NPC in Deluke or Bashitunka.
For Elerd, talk to Paika - Elementalist, lower Bashitunka, north of the Save NPC around [18940, 06559].
For Rogwel, talk to Taruka - Elementalist, south side of Deluke between the Steam Balloon and the Neo Steam Tank

Rank Level Energy Amount Total Amount Stacks
1 84 2,140 2,140 8 stacks + 100
2 89 2,260 4,400 8 stacks + 220
3 94 2,390 6,790 9 stacks + 95
4 99 2,530 9,320 9 stacks + 235
5 104 2,680 12,000 10 stacks + 130
ele_fire_energy.jpg ele_spirit_energy.jpg ele_steel_energy.jpg ele_water_energy.jpg
Fire Energy Spirit Energy Steel Energy Water Energy
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