Elerd Quests

Riall Start and Specialization Quests

All new characters start in Riall Town.
The Riall Starter and Specialization Quests replace the Exploration and Class Specialization quests.
You can still complete the Exploration Quests.

Exploration Quests

Humans, Elves, Poms and Lupine start in either Bijumir or Nasdaim
The Exploration Quests will get you the first set of Care Packages.

Lyell and Taxn start in Bashitunka.

Class Specialization

The Class Specialization quests are obsolete.
Once you reach level 10, talk to a Specialist to pick your permanent class.

Elerd Class Specialization
Taxn Class Specialization

Pet License

Talk to a Pet Trainer to evolve your Nitras Pet into a pet that can attack, heal or steal.
Lyell and Taxn have to wait until they complete the Class Specialization and travel to Elerd before they can evolve their Nitras Pet.

Pet License Quests

Guild Certification

Complete these tests in order to create a guild:
Elerd Guild Certification

Story Quests - Elerd

The Story Quests need to be completed in order to get access to the Underworld.
The Underworld is a 91+ level area located at the Taxn Alliance.

Quest Keeper Quests

These are quests available from NPCs all around Elerd.

Level 1 to 10 quests
Level 11 to 20 quests
Level 21 to 30 quests
Level 31 to 40 quests
Level 41 to 70 quests

Siege Engine Missions

Completing all three of these missions will get you a title: Siege Engine Operator
Siege Engine Missions

Invasion Base Missions

Attack the Rogwel Invasion Bases located in Elerd
Invasion Base Missions

Assassination Missions

Take the Zeppelin over to Rogwel and assasinate key leaders of the Republic of Rogwel
These missions are repeatable.
Elerd Assassination Missions

Mercus Factory Quests

Get access to the Mercus Factory and complete some quests once inside
Mercus Factory Quests

Rope Isle Quests

At level 50 you can get access to Rope Isle.
There are a couple quests available at Rope Isle.

Story Quests - Rope Isle

The Story Quests continue at Rope Isle

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