Energy Stones
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Energy Stones are used in Realm vs Realm (RvR) to craft siege engines and siege pylons.
Energy Stones are also needed to pilot Siege Engines and build Field Pylons during RvR.
You also can mine Lesser Energy Stones, but for that is required a Mining Buggy at a minimum upgrade to 4.0. The mining area for these stone is at RvR area next respawn base.

Ancient Energy Stones drop in the RvR dungeons and are used to craft L96 weapons and purchase Hero Weapons.

lesser-energy-stone.gif energy-stone.gif greater-energy-stone.gif ancient-energy-stone.gif
Lesser Energy Stone Energy Stone Greater Energy Stone Ancient Energy Stone


Quartermaster Lo (Elerd) and Quartermaster Po (Rogwel can fuse or divide Energy Stones.
The Quartermasters can be found in Riall Town by the Warehouse NPC.
The Quartermasters are also by the Save NPCs at Steel Stronghold and Tranquil Sanctuary in Rope Isle.

1,000 Lesser Energy Stones = 10 Energy Stones = 1 Greater Energy Stone
Ancient Energy Stones only drop from bosses in the RvR dungeons.

What You Give the NPC What You Receive (Option 1) What You Receive (Option 2)
Lesser Energy Stone 100 → 1 Energy Stone -
Energy Stone 10 → 1 Greater Energy Stone 1 → 100 Lesser Energy Stones
Greater Energy Stone 1 → Energy Stone -
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