Fortitude Potions



Fortitude Potions give a bonus to maximum HP.
The effect of a Fortitude Potion lasts for 5 hours.
The Fortitude Potion is a Premium Buff.

Normal Fortitude Potions drop from monsters in Riall.
Fortitude Potion Deluxe drops from mobs in the Underworld.
Fortitude Potion Deluxe (P) comes from Magnasseum Chest.

Fortitude Potion Stacking

Multiple Fortitude Potions can be used for a higher maximum HP boost.
There is a chance of failure when trying to use multiple Fortitude Potions.

A Fortitude Potion is guaranteed to work 100% for the first one.
Stacking Fortitude Potions is not 100% success.
If you fail when using a normal Fortitude Potion, the HP boost is reset to level 1 (+200 HP).

Fortitude Potion Deluxe is guaranteed to work 100% for the first three (+800 HP).
After that, there is a chance of failure if trying to stack additional Fortitude Potions.
If there is a failure when trying to stack a Fortitude Potion Deluxe, the HP Boost is reduced one level.
If you have Fortitude Potion Lv 3 and fail on the next stack attempt, the Fortitude Potion to reduced to level 2.

Fortitude Potion and Fortitude Potion Deluxe can be mixed when stacking.

Level Stacking HP boost Total HP Boost
1-10 1 +200 +200
11-20 2 +300 +500
21-30 3 +300 +800
31-40 4 +300 +1,100
41-50 5 +300 +1,400
51-60 6 +400 +1,800
61-70 7 +400 +2,200
71-80 8 +400 +2,600
81-90 9 +400 +3,000
91-100 10 +500 +3,500
101-110 11 +500 +4,000


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