Grandmaster Skills
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You can pick Grandmaster Skills after you get past level 99.
There are nine Grandmaster Skills. You can pick up to three.
You can pick the first at level 100, the second at 105, and the third at 109.
Each Grandmaster Skill has 10 levels.

Talk to Grandmaster Muhas in front of the Mother Tree in the Taxn Alliance.

Grandmaster Skills for any class
quantum-wrath.gif Quantum Wrath AOE attack
Gain a temporary Atk and M-Atk boost proportional to the damage you dealt
Buff lasts for 12 seconds. 15 second cooldown.
quantum-zeal.gif Quantum Zeal AOE attack
Gain a temporary Def boost proportional to the damage you dealt
Buff lasts for 12 seconds. 15 second cooldown. This skill also applies a taunt debuff.
darting-hands.gif Darting Hands AOE attack
Deliver powerful blows to a target and up to four other enemies nearby.
3 second cooldown.
deathweaving.gif Deathweaving Reduce the max HP of a target. Works even if they're immune to status ailments.
Debuff lasts for 10 seconds. 30 second cooldown.
healing-curse.gif Healing Curse Any healing on target using potions or skills is converted into damage
Does not work on bosses.
Debuff lasts for 7 seconds. 40 second cooldown.
chains-of-agony.gif Chains of Agony A portion of all damage the caster receives will be shared among any nearby party members.
Must have at least two people in the party.
Buff distributes from 3% to 30% of damage to target to the party.
maelstrom.gif Maelstrom AOE Stun that lasts for 3 seconds
No debuff immunity after stun wears off (can be used to double stun)
30 second cooldown.
Restricted Grandmaster Skills
master-renew.gif Master Renew Gives a summoned beast a sizeable max HP, Atk, and Def boost.
Stacks with other Renew abilities
Animator, Evoker, and Templar only
savage-ritual.gif Savage Ritual Turn the Protector Summon into a one-time AOE attack
Damage is not reduced by Defense.
30 second cooldown. Animator and Evoker only
Unknown Grandmaster Skills
Undiscovered Passive Skill Details unknown
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