Item Alteration

Friends don't let friends do item alteration
Disassemble and rebuild the item instead
Crafted items will always be superior to altered items


You can randomly change the properties of an item at a Steam Forge.


Item Alteration requires gold, neosteam, and Soul Crystals.
You get Soul Crystals from killing a player or NPC from the opposing nation.

Altering an item will usually make an item less powerful or less useful.
The process is ultra random!

A better alternative to alteration is to disassemble and rebuild the item.
Crafted stats are almost always better than altered stats. An exception is premium rares, for which crafting works well.

Altering an item will not cause its upgrades (+x, sx) to change.



1) Talk to the Master Craftsman or click on the Steam Forge.
2) Select the Alteration option
3) Put your item in the item slot
4) Click Accept to randomize the item properties

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