Item Merchant

Normal Price Item Description
200 Moderate Health Potion HP+650
1,050 Greater Health Potion HP+1100, L15+
560 Moderate Mana Potion MP+110
2,100 Greater Mana Potion MP+180, L15+
420 Moderate Stamina Potion STA+90
1,600 Greater Stamina Potion STA+150, L15+
70 Rune Set Lv. 1 not available at castles
100 Companion Boost Companion Food +5
300 Spirit Stone Summoning
50 Combination Bullet needed for Artillerist shot skills
50 Variable Oil needed for Nightstalker Venom Edge skills
50 Variable Mark needed for Shadowreaver Deadly Arts skills
30 Red Powder needed for Galvanist/Artificer Contagion skill
30 Living Bomb needed for Tinkerer/Gadgeteer Plant Explosives skill
100 Volt Bomb needed for Tinkerer/Gadgeteer Electrify skill
50,000 Loudpseaker enable %worldchat
100 Memo Pad /memo to other players
10,000 Guild Memo Pad guildmaster can /$memo to guild
10 100-Sided Die
10 6-Sided Die
10,000 Low-Power Steam Engine needed to make core machines
4,000 Inferior Widget needed to make socketed weapons/armor
2,500 Precise Gear needed to make core machines
2,500 Precise Piston needed to make core machines
37,500 Slow Defense G-02 head socket
37,500 Exhaustion Defense G-02 head socket
75,000 Poison Defense G-02 head socket
20,000 Stone Wall G-01 upper socket: defense boost
30,000 Bronze Intake Valve G-01 glove socket: get neo steam with each kill
37,500 Rusty Stabilizer G-01 lower socket: reduce backlash damage
75,000 Energy Vessel G-02 lower socket: boost max health
75,000 Amplified Inhibitor G-02 shoe socket: skill lock non-boss targets
37,500 Power Shock G-01 weapon socket: 1000 max power
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