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Boss Summon Times

Note A
►Hell Keeper required Hell Keeper Incense (15) to summon.
►Maestro required Maestro Card (16) to summon.
►Colossus required Colossus Core (16) to summon.
Note B
►Hell Keeper Incense is dropped by Arkt Breeder (100%) at 3F Hanger.
►Maestro Card Incense is dropped by (100%) Engineer Specialist at 5,6,7F Production Line & 8F Laboratories.
►Colossus Core is dropped by (100%) Robo Rx-7 at 5,6,7F Production Line & 8F Laboratories.

The Maestro can be summoned at any time.

The Colossus and Hell Keeper can only be summoned during certain times.
All times are Pacific/GMT-7


Hell Keepers

Korokke posted the times in this thread


The 8F Lab is the deepest level of the factory.
You need the Hatch Key to get access to the Engineers.
The Engineers have the pieces for the 7F Key that leads to 8F.
The 8F Lab leads to Two Bosses: L74 Maestro and L74 Colossus.

Hatch Key

The Hatch Key needs components from 5F, 6F, 7F

You need an Automated Robot Core from any L61 Automated Robot.
You need the Manager's Authorization Form from the Production Managers on 5F, 6F, 7F.
Production Managers can be found in the Central Pit on 5F, 6F and 7F.
Kill the Production Carriers around the Managers if you want to single pull the Managers.

Bring the Automated Robot Core, the 5F Manager's Authorization, the 6F Manager's
Authorization, and the 7F Manager's Authorization to the Robo-Rx2 Prototype on 5F or
7F to get the Hatch Key.

The Hatch Key can be used to open the hatches in the Break Rooms on 5F, 6F and 7F.
These hatches go into sewer tunnels that lead to a Control Room.
The Engineers can be found in the Control Rooms.

7F Factory Key/Lab Key

The 7F key gives access to 8F, or Lab.

You have to kill the Engineer on 5F, 6F, and 7F to get the components to make the 7F Key.

5F: Engineer Razel, drops 7F Key Fragment 1
6F: Engineer Cluis, drops 7F Key Fragment 2
7F: Engineer Splint, drops 7F Key Fragment 3

Engineers respawn after 5-7 minutes.

Bring the Key fragments to the Robo-Rx2 Prototype on 5F or 7F to get the 7F/Lab Key.
The 7F/Lab Key replaces the Hatch Key.
The 7F key is a bound Quest item.

5F Key

The 5F Key drops from the Factory Maestro.
You have to find the Maestro by navigating the 8F Lab to find the Maestro Room.
The Maestro drops only one 5F key per kill.
The 5F Key can be traded.

8F Research Laboratory

Fastest way to reach Bosses Room.

Room Type Door 1 Door 2 Door 3 Door 4 Description
A White B EXIT I B Start Room
B White I A C A
C White A D I M
D White C J I N
E White D C N O
F White G N O L
G White Pipe F H Pipe
H White O Maestro Pipe P
I Slow A A B M
J Slow L E M D
K Slow F D E H
L Locked J F E B
M Poison I I B C
N Poison A L D K
O Poison K I P L
P Locked Colossus G K Pipe When it is the wrong time for colossus, you will go to Sewer
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