Material Merchants


There are merchants that sell crafting materials.
They are called either Wanderers or Merchants.

In Elerd, these merchants can be found in and around Bijumir.
For Rogwel, look for these special merchants around Diren.

Once you purchase materials from these merchants, the merchant will disappear and respawn about 40 minutes later.

Elerd Merchant List

Material Merchant Quantity Price Unit Price Location
Gressid Cloth Cromis 40 8,000g 200 wanders east of the Steam Balloon
Thin Leather Arkanei 40 10,000g 250 wanders by east docks outside Bijumir
Iron Ingot Haellin 40 12,000g 300 wanders by subway
Bark Scraps Reis 20 30,000g 1,500 wanders around crafting area
Woven Gressid Cloth Nasredin 40 32,000g 800 wanders north of crafting area
Crystal Terion 20 40,000g 2,000 SW end of east docks, outside of Bijumir
Leather Riel 40 40,000g 1,000 wanders by entrance of Bijumir
Rendin Ingot Belsia 40 48,000g 1,200 north of the subway
Enchanted Gressid Cloth Johannes 40 96,000g 2,400 wanders east of skill trainers
Bark Huschei 20 120,000g 6,000 SE end of eastern docks
Barbed Leather Rycoff 40 120,000g 3,000 wanders east of Bijumir
Stanum Ingot Asiv 40 144,000g 3,600 wanders by Guild Manager
Sun Crystal Erardo 20 160,000g 8,000 south of Guild Manager

Rogwel Merchant List

Material Merchant Quantity Price Unit Price Location
Gressid Cloth Keron 40 8,000g 200 wanders NE dock
Thin Leather Suki 40 10,000g 250 wanders NW Diren by the Lighthouse
Iron Ingot Bito 40 12,000g 300 wanders on west side of Diren
Bark Scraps Roniel 40 30,000g 750 wanders on NW dock
Woven Gressid Cloth Arus 40 32,000g 800 wanders NW Diren by the Lighthouse
Crystal Rishuna 20 40,000g 2,000 wanders north of weapon merchants
Leather Gibbles 40 40,000g 1,000 wanders NW of weapon merchants
Rendin Ingot Rikei 40 48,000g 1,200 wanders in west side of Diren
Enchanted Gressid Cloth Serpina 40 96,000g 2,400 wanders NW of Item merchant
Bark Harens 20 120,000g 6,000 wanders on west side of Diren
Barbed Leather Hobas 40 120,000g 3,000 wanders by NW dock
Stanum Ingot Nebin 40 144,000g 3,600 end of NW dock
Sun Crystal McSenik 20 160,000g 8,000 NE dock
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