Mounts are player controlled vehicles.


Justicar, Animator, Templar and Evoker can all increase movement speed using the Divine Wind skill.
Divine Wind increases movement speed by 30%.

Rune Sets can be used to temporarily increase movement speed by 20%.

Lizard Rider

You can get a temporary (7 day) Lizard Rider by completing the Exploration Quests and opening Care Package 18.


Off-Road Buggy/Mining Buggy

The Off-Road Buggy is a quest reward for completing the the Terrawhale quest.

It can be upgraded to a Mining Buggy which allows mining of materials.

The Mining Buggy can be further upgraded. Upgrading the Mining Buggy also increases the minimum level requirement.

Mining Buggy Level Requirement Upgrade Costs
Mining Buggy 1.0 20 Off-Road Buggy + 150,000 gold
Mining Buggy 2.0 30 300,000 gold
Mining Buggy 3.0 40 700,000 gold
Mining Buggy 4.0 50 1,500,000 gold
Mining Buggy 5.0 60 3,200,000 gold
Mining Buggy 6.0 70 6,000,000 gold
Mining Buggy 7.0 80 11,000,000 gold

The Off-Road Buggy/Mining Buggy can't be used in a Town or Castle area.

elerd-off-road-buggy.jpg rogwel-off-road-buggy.jpg
Elerd Off Road Buggy Rogwel Off Road Buffy


Boss Loot Steamrider
This version of the Steamrider can be made by the Craft NPC.
For Elerd, talk to Wooshe in Nasdaim, by the Steam Forge

Required materials for Rogwel:
1) 4 million gold
2) Molten Steam Tank from Lava Golem in the Abandoned Excavation
3) Sharp Leg Bones from Phoenix Hatue in the Polluted Zone

Required materials fo Elerd:
1) 4 million gold
2) Baruk Steam Tank from Bark Royal Tarp in Bark Town
3) Alloyed Stan from King of Broken machine in Grave of Machine

Factory Steam Walker
You can also make a Steam Walker by gathering parts in the Kerman/Mercus Factory
1) 2 steam-rider running parts
2) 2 steam-rider control parts
loot from hidden material boxes in factory

Use the Factory Manufacturing Machine in the 7th Floor Machine Room to make the Steam Walker.

You have to be at least level 50 to use this version of the Steam Walker.
Upgrading the Steam Walker lowers the level requirement.

Steam Rider Upgrades
Talk to a Crafting NPC in a city or castle to upgrade the Steam Walker.

Upgrade To Level Requirement Silver Gower Stones Silver Seril Stones Widgets Pistons
Steam Rider 1.0 47 6 3 5 Machine Widgets 4 Precise Rendin Pistons
Steam Rider 2.0 44 9 5 6 Machine Widgets 9 Precise Rendin Pistons
Steam Rider 3.0 40 10 7 2 Precise Widgets 3 Precise Stanum Pistons
Steam Rider 4.0 35 10 3 3 Precise Widgets 4 Precise Stanum Pistons

Premium Mounts

These mounts are bought in the Cash Shop.

See: Premium Mounts

Rank Mounts

A Dragon/Royal Warlord (rank 10 ranking-10.png) can buy a special Steamrider for 500,000 gold.

The Knight Riders move at 230% movement speed and you can't get knocked off by attacks.

dragon-knight-rider.jpg royal-knight-rider.jpg
Dragon Knight Rider (Elerd) Royal Knight Rider (Rogwel)
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