Steam Tank Locations

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What is Neo Steam?

Humans play with it. Elves study it. Poms sniff it. Beastkind eat it.
As one ancient Maestro put it: Neosteam is "the cause of — and solution to — all of life's problems".

Neosteam occurs naturally as a crystallized Energy Stone. It sublimates into a volatile gas when put under pressure in a vacuum.
The gas is than transported through a series of transmitters and receivers called the Stevens' intertubes.
Once at a Neosteam receiver, the gas is pressurized into a liquid form and stored in tanks.
Large Neosteam tanks are used to refill personal Steam Tanks.

The majority of the world's Energy Stones were destroyed in the Great Cataclysm.
A new deposit of Energy Stones was discovered on Rope Isle. Elerd and Rogwel fight for this limited and precious resource.

What does Neo Steam do?

Used as ammo for guns and bows
Used to power Steam Machines/Core Skills
Used for Steam Balloon transportation
Used to power the Steam Forge for refining, smithing and gizmology
Used to power Mounts


Neo Steam is stored in Steam Tanks for personal use.
Steam Tanks are rated by how much Neo Steam they can store.
Basic Steam Tanks II and III can be bought.
Higher capacity Steam Tanks are made by Tinkerers or Gadgeteers.
High-Capacity Steam Tanks may be purchased in the Cash Shop.

Name Standard Capacity Level
steamtank-i.jpg Steam Tank I 500 any
steamtank-ii.jpg Steam Tank II 1,500 any
steamtank-iii.jpg Steam Tank III 3,000 15
steamtank-iv.jpg Steam Tank IV 5,000 35
steamtank-v.jpg Steam Tank V 6,500 55
steamtank-vi.jpg Steam Tank VI 8,000 65
steamtank-vii.jpg Steam Tank VII 10,000 80
High-Capacity Steam Tank 20,000 any

Some equipment can add to the Steam Tank storage.


Each citizen starts out with an Neo Steam allowance of 500.
There is a 1,500 bonus allowance for controlling a castle on Rope Isle.
Every 5 levels, the allowance increases by 500.

Each hour, a citizen can use up to their allowance to fill up their Steam Tank.
At the start of each hour, the allowance is reset.

Level Allowance Level Allowance
1-4 500 50-64 5,500
5-10 1,000 55-59 6,000
10-14 1,500 60-64 6,500
15-19 2,000 65-69 7,000
20-24 2,500 70-74 7,500
25-29 3,000 75-79 8,000
30-34 3,500 80-84 8,500
35-39 4,000 85-89 9,000
40-44 4,500 90-94 9,500
45-49 5,000 95-99 10,000


Level 1 to 14: free
Level 15 to 49: 1 gold per unit of Neo Steam
Level 50 and higher: 2 gold per unit of Neo Steam.

Neo Steam Tanks

People can refill their Steam Tanks at one of the big Steam Tanks located in each town and castle.
There is also a Steam Tank available at Riall.
neosteam-charging-machine-1.png neosteam-charging-machine-2.png
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