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All players get a spirit, or Nitras, Pet.

The Nitras Pet has the ability to warp you back to your save location using Town Portal.

The Nitras Pet can be evolved into one of three types of pet: Attack Pet, Heal Pet or Steal Pet.
You have to complete a quest to evolve the pet.
The Attack Pet will randomly attack whatever the player is attacking.
The Heal Pet will randomly heal a player if the player's HP is below 50%.
A Steal Pet will randomly steal gold from monsters.

Pet Skills

Town Portal
Teleport to saved location
Feed consumption: 10
Casting Time: Instant
Cool Time: 5 minutes
Recovers the master's HP if his HP is under 50%
Feed Consumption: 10
Skill Cool Time: 180s
Grade/Level Up: increases amount of recovered HP
[A pet uses randomly]
Passive Skill
Attacks whatever the master is attacking
Feed Consumption: 5
Skill Cool Time: 30s
Grade/Level Up: Increases damage
[A pet uses randomly]
Steals money from target that master is attacking
Feed Consumption: proportion to the amount of money stolen
Skill Cool Time: 180s
Grade/Level Up: Increases amount of money stolen
[A pet uses randomly]
All pets have the Town Portal skill For Gears and Undines For Clocks and Salamanders For Lamps and Neipins

Pet Food

Pets have a Food Meter. Use the [T] key to open the Pet Window.
An active Pet also has a Pet Status icon.

Food Meter Pet Status
100% to 51% pet-happy.jpg Pet is Happy
50% to 21% pet-content.jpg Pet is Content
20% to 1% pet-unhappy.jpg Pet is Unhappy
0% Pet is inactive until fed

The Pet consumes food whenever it is active and when using a skill.

Pets can be fed Pet Food or other items.

pet-milk.jpg Pet Milk +10% Pet Meter
pet-snack.jpg Pet Snack +30% Pet Meter
pet-ambrosia.jpg Pet Ambrosia +60% Pet Meter
pet-chow.jpg Pet Chow +100% Pet Meter

Pet Chow is a Premium Item.

Feeding Soul Crystals to Pets

Pet Level Soul Crystal Soul Crystals to 100% EXP
1 +5% Food and +2.83% EXP 36 (101.88 EXP)
2 +5% Food and +0.43% EXP 233 (100.19 EXP)
3 +5% Food and +0.09% EXP 1,112 (100.08 EXP)
4 +5% Food and +0.02% EXP 5,000 (100.00 EXP)

Pet Level

A Pet gains experience from using skills.
Once the Pet's experience gets to 100%, the Pet can be leveled up.
There are five available levels. It costs gold to level up a Pet.

Leveling up a Pet will change the Pet's appearance.
The Pet's skill will get stronger when it levels up.

Pet Level Cost
Level 1 > Level 2 16,000 gold
Level 2 > Level 3 65,000 gold
Level 3 > Level 4 270,000 gold
Level 4 > Level 5 1,350,000 gold

Pet Upgrade

Pets have three Grades: Normal, Enhanced, and Maximum.
A Pet has to be at least Level 2 before it can be Upgraded.
A higher grade makes the Pet's skill more powerful.

A Normal Pet can be Upgraded from Normal to Enhanced using blue Enhanced Nutrition Stones.
An Enhanced Pet can be Upgraded from Enhanced to Maximum using red Maximum Nutrition Stones or Enhanced Nutrition Stones.
You can't upgrade a Normal Pet to Maximum Grade.

You can buy Enhanced Nutrition Stones from any Pet Trainer for 15k gold each.
Maximum Nutrition Stones drop from monsters that are level 61+.

When a Pet levels up, it is automatically reset to Normal grade.

Pet Level Enhanced Grade Maximum Grade
2 2 Enhanced Nutrition Stones (30k gold) 5 Enhanced Nutrition Stones (75k gold)
3 9 Enhanced Nutrition Stones (135k gold) 22 Enhanced Nutrition Stones (330k gold)
4 36 Enhanced Nutrition Stones (540k gold) 3 Maximum Nutrition Stones
5 5 Maximum Nutrition Stones 14 Maximum Nutrition Stones
enhanced-nutrition.jpg maximum-nutrition.jpg
Enhanced Nutrition Maximum Nutrition

Pet Reset and Retraining

You can reset a Pet back to a Nitras Pet a single time.
If you want to reset a Pet more than once, you have to purchase a Pet Retraining Scroll from the Cash Shop.

Pet Trainers

There are no Pet Trainers in the Taxn Alliance

Pender in Bijumir
Sade in Nasdaim
Yudami in Cerity Praha Castle (does not do Pet License quests)

Nupei in Diren
Aunum in Garnedine
Rapier in Greticos (does not do Pet Licence quests)

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