Races and Gender

There are seven races available in the game:
Human, Elf, Pom, Taxn Human, Lupine, Tarune and Lyell
The Lupine have allied themselves with the Republic of Rogwel.
The Tarune will only work with the Kingdom of Elerd.

Race Male Female
Human Human Taxn Human
Elf n/a Elf
Pom Pom Pom
Beastkind Lupine/Tarune Lyell

Why is race important?

Race determines your gender and appearance.
Rogwel and Elerd races look different. Rogwel tend to be darker and Elerd tend to be paler.

Race also determines what kind of stats you have.
Some races have better stats for certain classes compared to other races.

Each race has their own set of Special Skills.

Race Info

Official Neo Steam Game Guide: The Races of Chyrsalis

There is one race that is the best at each job that has the highest combined stats.
Races that have a combined stat difference of less than 4 are considered above average.
Races that have a combined stat difference of 4 less than the best race are considered average.
Below average races have a combined stat difference of more than 4 less than the best race.
The races with the lowest stats compared to all other races are the worst for that job.
Stats are based on level 13 characters after selecting a class.


Humans and Taxns usually have the same stats and different Special Skills.

Humans get the lowest prices from merchants.
Humans get an increased attack speed.
Humans get a periodic ability to cure one debuff.

Class Rankings
1. Scout
2. Elerd Mystic (-3)
3. Rogwel Machinist (-4)
4. Rogwel Mystic (-7)
5. Justicar/Templar (-8)
6. Crusader/Vanguard (-9)

Humans make below average Warriors.
Humans are strong, but not as strong as Lupine or Tarune.
Human Warriors typically have less Constitution than other races.

Elerd Humans make above average Mystics.
They have a little bit less Intelligence and Constitution than an Elf.

Rogwel Humans make below average Mystics.
They have less Intelligence and a bit less Constitution compared to Elves.

Rogwel Humans make average Machinists.
Rogwel Humans have -4 Strength compared to Poms, but the same Constitution and Dexterity.

Elerd Humans make below average Machinists.
Elerd Human Machinists have the lowest Strength compared to other races.

Humans make the best Scouts.
Human Scouts have the best Strength and Constitution compared to other races.

Racial Abilities

- L5 : 10% lower merchant prices
- L10: resistance to Sleep
- L15: more money from looting
- L20: increased attack speed
- L25: cure one abnormal state

elerd-human.jpg rogwel_human.jpg
Beastkind Str 31 | Con 31 | Dex 24 | Int 9
Human/Taxn Str 28 | Con 25 | Dex 24 | Int 9
Pom Str 28 | Con 25 | Dex 24 | Int 9
Elf Str 27 | Con 27 | Dex 24 | Int 9
Beastkind Str 30 | Con 25 | Dex 27 | Int 14
Human/Taxn Str 27 | Con 20 | Dex 27 | Int 14
Pom Str 25 | Con 22 | Dex 27 | Int 14
Elf Str 25 | Con 21 | Dex 27 | Int 15
Beastkind Str 30 | Con 25 | Dex 27 | Int 17
Human/Taxn Str 27 | Con 20 | Dex 27 | Int 14
Pom Str 24 | Con 23 | Dex 27 | Int 14
Elf Str 27 | Con 27 | Dex 24 | Int 15
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