Rune Sets



Rune Sets give a set of temporary buffs.
Level 1 Rune Sets can be bought from some Item merchants.
The other Rune Sets are looted from monsters or found in the Care Packages
Divine Favor may be received as a reward for attending Beginner Hour.


Name Buffs Duration
Rune Set Lv 1 Lv1 Defense +15
Lv1 Attack +15
Lv1 Agility +20% run speed
Lv1 Magic Attack +12
8 minutes
Rune Set Lv 2 Lv2 Defense +19
Lv2 Attack +19
Lv2 Agility +20% run speed
Lv2 Magic Attack +16
12 minutes
Rune Set Lv 3 Lv3 Defense +24
Lv3 Attack +24
Lv3 Agility +20% run speed
Lv3 Magic Attack +19
15 minutes
Rune Set Lv 5 Lv5 Defense +33
Lv5 Attack +33
Lv5 Agility +20% run speed
Lv5 Magic Attack +27
18 minutes
Divine Favor Lv10 Defense +110
Lv10 Attack +110
Lv10 Agility +30% run speed
Lv10 Magic Attack +90
60 minutes
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