Realm vs Realm

Intro - What is Realm vs Realm (RvR) ?

Official Realm vs Realm - Mini-Guide

Realm vs Realm (RvR) is a mass PvP event between Rogwel and Elerd that lasts for 2 hours. There is a 1 hour Preparation Time (Prep) before the actual 2-hour RvR event.

It takes place 2 times a week every:

Days Time
Timezone/Region PST (ex. California, USA) Thursday (12am PREP) 1am until 3am
Saturday (5pm PREP) 6pm until 8pm
Days Time
Timezone/Region GMT+8 (ex. Manila, Philippines) Thursday (3pm PREP) 4pm until 6pm
Sunday (8am PREP) 9am until 11am

How to get to the RvR War Field?

1. Go to Rope Isle via a city with a Zeppelin ride (Garnedine at Rogwel, Dirun at Elerd).
2. Upon landing on Rope Isle…

For Rogwel Nation Players Talk to the Save NPC in Steel Stronghold
For Elerd Nation Players Talk to the Save NPC in the Tranquil Sanctuary

…to get a free warp to the Sealstone just outside the War Field.

3. Click on the Sealstone to enter the Warfield.

Elerd has a base at Blue Vein Canyon 1.
Rogwel has a base at Steel Horizon 1.

RvR Map


Prep Time

Check the above listed RvR times to know the Prep Times.
All Field Pylons like Advance Bases, Steam Balloons, and Siege Cannons can be built during Prep Time.
Field Pylons can also be destroyed during Prep Time.

Siege Engines can be piloted once Advance bases are built.
Personal Siege Engines (PSE) can be piloted at any time.

Rogwel can initiate attacks against Elerd in Rogwel Zones and vice versa.
Anyone who initiates an attack gets the Call To Arms flag for 2 minutes.
A person flagged with Call to Arms can be attacked anywhere on the map.
Siege Cannons can't be attacked until the Siege Cannons attack first.

The area around Killien Fortress is an open PvP area.
Anyone can attack someone from the enemy nation in these areas.

The one action that is forbidden during Prep Time is attacking the walls or gate of
any castle.

Realm vs Realm

At the beginning of RvR, all players in enemy or neutral areas are warped back to
their base (Blue Vein Canyon 1 for Elerd and Steel Horizon 1 for Rogwel).

All areas in the War Field becomes an open PvP areas.

Walls or gates can be attacked.

The overall goal in RvR is to take control of the castles by getting access to the
Steam Core inside each castle.

Participants get Prestige Points and huge rations of experience points (EXP) every RvR population count — given that their nation owns a castle while in the duration of the event.

Zero Castles owned means no EXP delivery to that nation's citizens though 60 Prestige Points are still provided every POP count.

While in the RVR zone there is a public channel just for rvr, this generally will be channel 1, aka &1.

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