Soul Crystals



Soul Crystals are a reward for killing a player or certain NPCs of the opposing nation.

Getting Soul Crystals

1) Kill a player from an opposing nation in PvP
2) Kill a guard NPC of the opposing nation
3) Assassinate a leader of the opposing nation
4) Kill the enemy NPCs at an Invasion Base
5) Destroy an enemy building during the RvR event.

Uses for Soul Crystals

1) You need 40 Soul Crystals to access Rope Isle
2) Feed Soul Crystals to your heal/attack/steal pet to level up the pet
3) You need Soul Crystals to pilot Siege Engines during RvR
4) Turn in 2,200 Soul Crystals for the Ruthless Assassin Title (Atk +25, M-Atk +20, Max HP -150)
5) Item Alteration

Feeding Soul Crystals to Pets

Pet Level Soul Crystal Soul Crystals to 100% EXP
1 +5% Food and +2.83% EXP 36 (101.88 EXP)
2 +5% Food and +0.43% EXP 233 (100.19 EXP)
3 +5% Food and +0.09% EXP 1,112 (100.08 EXP)
4 +5% Food and +0.02% EXP 5,000 (100.00 EXP)

Siege Engine Piloting

Siege Engine AT Type DF Type
Firebrand/Suppressor 30 Soul Crystals 40 Soul Crystals
Water Cannon/Steam Cannon 30 Soul Crystals 40 Soul Crystals
Rock Crusher/Destroyer 50 Soul Crystals 60 Soul Crystals

Item Alteration

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