Steam Tanks

Neo Steam is stored in Steam Tanks for personal use.
Steam Tanks are rated by how much Neo Steam they can store.
Steam Tank I is starting equipment.
Steam Tanks II and III can be bought from an Accessories merchant.
Steam Tanks III and IV can be given from a Care Package.
Higher capacity Steam Tanks are made by Tinkerers or Gadgeteers.
Premium Steam Tanks can't be traded or store in warehouse after activation.

Name Standard Capacity Level
steamtank-i.jpg Steam Tank I 500 Any
steamtank-ii.jpg Steam Tank II 1,500 Any
steamtank-iii.jpg Steam Tank III 3,000 15
steamtank-iv.jpg Steam Tank IV 5,000 35
steamtank-v.jpg Steam Tank V 6,500 55
steamtank-vi.jpg Steam Tank VI 8,000 65
steamtank-vii.jpg Steam Tank VII 10,000 80
image place holder High Capacity Steam Tank 20,000? ?
high-tank.jpg Prenium Steam Tank 20,000 any
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