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This taming information is based on Fiftynine's guide: Tips On Choosing A Tamed Companion.

Taming Basics

Taming is a skill of Striders and Wardens.
Taming needs no components to cast.
You can only tame mobs that have [Calm] at the beginning of the name.
There is a 15 minute cooldown after successfully casting the Taming skill.
A tamed mob is called a Companion Beast.
The Companion Beast only disappears if it dies. There is no timer like a Summon.

Companion Beasts need to be fed Companion Boosts
Companion Boosts cost 100 gold each and can be bought from any Pet Trainer.
Each Companion Boost will add 5% to the food gauge of the Tamed monster.
If the food gauge of the Companion Beast goes below 80%, the Companion Beast will no longer follow commands.

If you die, the Companion Beast will be turned into a Companion Caller and placed in your inventory.
Click on the Companion Caller to get your Companion Beast back.

You can only have one Companion Beast or Companion Caller at a time.

Companion Beast commands

These are identical to the commands used by the Animator or Evoker.

Attack - target a mob and order Summon to attack the target.
Active - the Summon will attack all nearby mobs
Defensive - the Summon will attack any mob that attacks the caster
Passive - the Summon will follow you but not attack any mobs
Release - despawn the Summon

Striders/Wardens get one additional command: Save the tamed mob
This converts the Companion Beast into a Companion Caller in your Inventory
Click on the Companion Caller to summon the Companion Beast again.

If the food gauge of the Companion Beast goes below 80%, the Companion Beast will no longer follow commands.

Taming Skill

At Taming level 1 you can Tame a level 5 monster.
For each additional level in Taming, the monster level increases by 10.
If you train Taming to level 3 at level 11, you can Tame up to a level 25 monster.

Taming Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Monster level 5 15 25 35 45 55 65 75 85 95+

Taming takes a lot of Stamina.
Keep some Stamina potions so you can recast Taming immediately after a failure.

Types of Tames

Type Attack Defense HP Special Ability
Attack Pet High Low Low Defense Debuff, Stun if Tame is below 30% HP
Defense Pet Low High High Taunts target
Range Pet Average Average Average Snares target

Attack pets are all about damage. They have low defense and hp so if you set them to aggressive mode and forget about them they're likely to get brutally murdered by anything within 15 levels of them. I recommend these if you're going to be doing the tanking or in a small group of people. I find these to be better in any party situation where you are not fighting a boss.

Attack pets will regularly use a charging attack that pierces their target's defense. If they are below 30% hp when they do this it will also stun the target.

These pets are excellent meat shields. They have rather high defense and a LOT of HP. They have the lowest attack. They can be left alone for a while on aggressive mode however I personally like leaving them on defense since they'll do all the tanking for me. I do not recommend these if you're fighting monsters that you can kill quickly. These are best suited to monsters that are very close to your own level and can take quite a beating since they'll contribute to the damage and take a few hits off you but if you're fighting something too weak they'll hold you back since you'll be constantly healing them instead of taking the damage yourself and just regening it with your superior health regen. I recommend these when you're fighting large groups of monsters since the added tanking capacity will greatly extend your survivability.

When an defense pet attacks it has a very high chance of taunting its target, causing the target to immediately begin attacking it. This can be very useful at lower levels when a defense pet has higher defense than you do.

These pets are kind of in the middle ground in terms of stats. They win out by having the same range that you do. I don't have a lot of experience using these since I found them rather hard to keep track of when I did. Since these are best left on aggressive mode and that'll leave them fairly far away from you, it makes them difficult to supervise. There are a lot of people who swear by these as enhancing their survivability. I don't really get it myself. They can be useful. I didn't think there were enough ranged monsters to really make use of their ranged attack if you're not manually ordering them to attack. I suppose if you like manually commanding your pet to attack these would be the best option. These are also the best option for if you are fighting any kind of boss as you will not have to worry about healing them since they won't be taking damage from direct attacks or AoE.

Ranged pets have a chance of slowing a target's movement speed when they attack. This is useful if you're kiting something since it won't be able to catch you.

Pet Stats

Stats Attack Pet Defense Pet Ranged Pet
5 21 20 18 18 5 67 36 36 71 5 54 47 36 71 NA
15 34 32 36 29 15 122 65 58 124 15 105 85 58 142 NA
25 44 42 54 38 25 178 65 76 265 25 144 121 76 265 25 161 93 76 265
35 84 80 72 72 35 246 85 144 364 35 204 159 144 364 35 225 122 144 364
45 74 70 90 63 45 306 105 126 486 45 262 195 126 486 45 284 150 126 486
55 101 96 108 87 55 371 125 174 497 55 325 231 174 497 55 348 178 174 497
65 147 140 126 126 65 443 145 252 597 65 391 269 252 597 65 417 207 252 597
75 134 128 144 115 75 506 165 230 687 75 446 305 230 687 75 476 235 230 687
85 132 126 162 113 85 573 185 226 736 85 503 343 226 736 85 538 264 226 736
95 210 200 180 180 95 652 204 360 816 95 564 380 360 816 95 608 292 360 816
100 230 200 180 180 100 690 328 360 900 NA NA

NOTE: The L15 Calm Mossy Statue is an Attack/Defense hybrid with an attack of 129 and a Defense of 85. Not sure if it lowers defense/stuns or taunts.

The raw stats are so high on the level 95 tames that there is a tremendous damage increase over the level 85 tames. Easily over 600 damage. While their HP and the rest of their stats improve at a similar rate to previously their STR, CON and INT make a very noticeable leap of 50+ points in each category. STR actually improves by almost 80.

This means that they're critting nearly all the time. Monsters will actually miss them on occasion and they are hitting like trucks compared to their level 85 counterparts.

To further this new development there is evidence: The level 85 ranged pet hits for 415 damage with a critical hit on a level 80 monster, the level 95 ranged pet hits for 1040 with a critical against the exact same monster.

Locating Your Pet

Click on the maps to view maps at full-size.

elerd-tames.jpg rogwel-tames.jpg rope-tames.jpg
Elerd tames Rogwel Tames Rope Isle tames

Pet List

Pet Level Pet Name Pet Type Pet Location
15 Calm Mossy Statue Defense Pet Jarit's Garden, north/south ends
25 Calm Hatue Attack Pet Jarit's Garden, mid
35 Calm Sillape Ranged Pet Ancient Factory, SW and NE corners
45 Calm Lost Sentry Defense Pet Ancient Factory, mid
55 Calm Chiron Attack Pet Dimensional Rift, mid
65 Calm Hippo Defense Pet Mercenary Outpost
Republic of Rogwel
Pet Level Pet Name Pet Type Map Area
5 Calm Flatshell Attack Pet Rusty Coast Seaview Road, south of Steam Mole Burrow
5 Calm Hornshell Defense Pet Rusty Coast southern Seaview Road
5 Calm Swift Stinger Attack Pet Living Jungle Prowling Road by Vantes Cartel Hideout
5 Calm Wild Stinger Defense Pet Living Jungle north Prowling Road
15 Calm Mossy Statue Defense Pet Terrawhale Esophagus
15 Calm Rockshell Attack Pet Volsin Camp Dust Glen East, Wild Vale, Crow Canyon
15 Calm Mossy Rockshell ? Volsin Camp Dust Glen West
15 Calm Armor Beetle Defense Pet Grieving Garden Serenity Pass outside Pelten Outpost
15 Calm Assault Beetle Attack Pet Grieving Garden Armor Beetle Nest
Pet Level Pet Name Pet Type Map Area
25 Calm Gravewatcher Ranged Pet Grieving Garden Sleeping Garden, Weeping Hill
25 Calm Pack Spider Defense Pet Polluted Zone Eringem Crossing
25 Calm Hatue Attack Pet Polluted Zone Southern Blighted Isle, east side
Northern Blighted Isle, near T-intersection
35 Calm Steel Echidna Ranged Pet Polluted Zone Northern Blighted Isle around [29945, 17605]
35 Calm Sillape Ranged pet Land of Remorse eastern Screaming Gorge
35 Calm Siladu Attack pet Land of remorse southern and eastern Silent Land
45 Calm Steamgunner Ranged Pet Abandoned Factory northwest of the Warehouse Ruins
45 Calm Observer Attack Pet Abandoned Factory Forsaken Refinery
45 Calm Lost Sentry Defense Pet Abandoned Factory Forsaken Refinery
55 Calm Chiron Attack Pet Kerman Mountains Chiron Lair
65 Calm Arkt ? Kerman Factory, 5/6/7 floors
Kingdom of Elerd
Pet Level Pet Name Pet Type Map Area
5 Calm Flatshell Attack Pet Turtle Beach South Helm
5 Calm Hornshell Defense Pet Turtle Beach East Helm/North Helm
5 Calm Pufu Defense Pet Hidden Sanctuary The Veiled Land
5 Calm Alpha Pufu Attack Pet Hidden Sanctuary Field of Autumn
15 Calm Mossy Statue Defense Pet Terrawhale Esophagus
15 Calm Small Wood Hulk Attack Pet Armankase's Forest Road of Courage, Road of Mercy, Road of Wisdom
Road of Loyalty, Grove of Fate south of Detron Lookout
15 Calm Wood Hulk Defense Pet Armankase's Forest Misty Marsh, Road of Wisdom
15 Calm Swamp Beast Attack Pet Swamp of Despair Shadow Gorge, Road of Ordeal
15 Calm Swamp Defender Defense Pet Swamp of Despair Dark Way, near Road of Ordeal zone
Pet Level Pet Name Pet Type Map Area
25 Calm Vile Truuk Hunter Range Pet Swamp of Despair Aurora Glen
25 Calm Wasteland Stinger Attack pet Barren Wastes The Forgotten Land
25 Calm Badland Stinger Defense pet Barren Wastes Hollow Land
35 Calm Crom Gunner Ranged Pet Barren Wastes Machine Graveyard
35 Calm Baruk Pufu Defense Pet Baruk Den Pufu Breeding Ground, go east
35 Calm Wild Baruk Pufu Attack pet Baruk Den Baruk Bastion, go west
45 Calm Infernal Bowman Ranged Pet Crimson Desert Road of the Dead, SW by Devil Tower zone
45 Calm Hell Wyrm Attack Pet Crimson Desert Devil Tower, NW area
45 Calm Young Id Defense pet Crimson Desert Devil Tower, SW area
55 Calm Chiron Attack Pet Mercus Ridge Chiron Den
65 Calm Arkt ? Mercus Factory 5/6/7 floors
Rope Isle
Pet Level Pet Name Pet Type Map Area
65 Calm Hydra Defense Pet Forest of Prosperity [Elerd] north part of Mino Forest
65 Calm Vampiric Hydra Attack Pet Forest of Prosperity [Elerd] south part of Mino Forest
75 Calm Hell Lizard Attack Pet Eastmaze [Elerd] near Conviction Town entrance
Corridor north of Red Truuks
West corner of "Doomkoth corridor"
75 Calm Ancient Wisp Ranged Pet Eatsmaze [Elerd] near Conviction Town entrance
east corner of "Doomkoth corridor"
Pet Level Pet Name Pet Type Map Area
65 Calm Reckless Hippo Attack Pet Forgotten Land [Rogwel] Black Swamp, north by Lucian Post
65 Calm Reckless Hippo Attack Pet War Storm [Rogwel] northern Marsh of Oblivion
65 Calm Hippo Defense Pet War Storm [Rogwel] Fallen Land, SE from Mediation Town
75 Calm Hell Lizard Attack Pet Westmaze [Rogwel] near Conviction Town entrance
SW corner by Black Truuks
Large room east of Black Truuks
Corridor north of Black Truuks
75 Calm Ancient Wisp Ranged Pet Westmaze [Rogwel] along southernmost corridor
Pet Level Pet Name Pet Type Map Area
85 Calm Volcanic Sentinal Black Horizon SW corner
north of volcano
85 Calm Thunderbreaker Black Horizon NE area of Abyss of Courage
95 Calm Phoenix Ranged Pet Black Horizon northern part
95 Calm Heavy Core Black Horizon NW area
95 Calm Warbot Ranger Flame Basin
Crom Merchant
Thaff in the north part of Mediation Square
Yakta in NW Negotiation Site
Meeker in NE Conviction Town
Requirements Pet Level Pet Name Pet Type Location Cost
Level 65 and Taming Skill 7 65 Calm Warbot Gunner Ranged Pet Negotiation/Arbitration 42k/36k/?
Level 75 and Taming Skill 8 75 Calm Mechanized Pom Defense pet Negotiation/Arbitration 42k/36k/?
Taming Skill 9 85 Calm Tairon Conviction Town
Taming Skill 10 95 Calm Data Core Conviction Town
Pet Level Pet Name Pet Type Map Area
100 Calm Cycan Attack pet Underworld Cycan Hatchery
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